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Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.
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When you see the whole world coming apart then you know God has not give up hope where mankind has give up hope along time ago! Jesus Christ is the only true hope of the world.
Thank you Jesus for your Love , Care, & Comfort...Strength in times of stress...trials...temptations. Amen
Thank you Yeshua (Jesus) for allowing me to meet such good persons like Mindy Cisco online. This is the very reason the web was construct. We need to help and pray to build one another up, and not hate, hurt, or kill each other. We are great spiritual administrators of God's word. You can kind of tell I am into the Bible. I have an offline computer with a search engine. It is called the family Bible. I use it together with my KJV of the Bible for extreme college level research into God's Holy word. Thank you Mindy and Bible Hub. In Yeshua's name I pray. Amen
+Freddy Kruger thank you Brother and We are called to minister to one another and always be in prayer. Brother Freddy, your another Blessing to All whom you talk to, Pray for!
May you have a Blessed Day! Amen 😇
+Ashley Wallace Always Good, even when we're going through trials and temptations. What a Wonderful Lord We have! He never leaves or forsakes us. Many Blessings to you Sister, Ashley! Amen😇
I just set up the online computer with the software the word. I have been letting the dramatized Bible that reads every word of the KJV of the Bible non stop, because my sinful diseased flesh soul now needs it. A doctor will tell you to keep applying medication till the wound heals. I am only in the free pardon of sin. So I need the word of God continuously every moment to keep up that healing power. I will continue this to totally memorize every word, every verse, every book of the Bible. This sure helps me with Bible study and research. To me the Bible tells the greatest truthful story ever told! I thirst and hunger more and more each day and hour to know everything about God's word! 
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