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Friends of Civil Liberties in Strange Places. Rand Paul stands up to the NSA. #Rand_Paul #Civil_Liberties #Reclaim_Privacy #NSA #Patriot_Act

Who would have thought that a champion of liberal values would emerge from the American Tea Party movement? Rand Paul, presidential hopeful from the right wing of the republican party in the United States, has successfully led a campaign to prevent…

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Return of the May Queen - only the Ghoulgle data monster can save us now #privacy #investigatory_powers_bill

It’s Queens speech time, the annual British spectacle of making an increasingly tired looking monarch read out her new prime ministers legislative agenda; an agenda about which professionalism demands she have no opinion. This year it included a promise…

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UK Election: What of liberty? #reclaim_privacy, # privacy, #UK Election

It was during this parliament that Edward Snowden provided incontrovertible evidence of the UK government’s active participation in an ongoing program of supranational surveillance state building. You’d have thought the fact that the United States…

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Can They See My D*ck? Not if you use a #Cloak :)

I really enjoy John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight show on HBO.  In last Sunday’s show, John Oliver managed to take Government surveillance to a level everybody can relate to.  Not only is the show itself quite informative and interesting, but it has now…

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Warranty void? #tor #anonabox @reclaim_privacy

Please August, can I have another Anonabox? Lars broke the last one – he soldered some stuff to it so he could get the open source code out. “This is what happens when you combine amateur hour with money,” says Lord. “It’s not surprising Anonabox…

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Bitten Hands #tor #cloak @reclaim_privacy

Sadness -we didn’t see the A Register in time to cancel our order. Anonabox’s August Germar has told us the security shortcomings were addressed by March 20, 2015, after the upstart was acquired by Sochule.  

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Overwhelming Interest #Cloak #Tor @Reclaim_Privacy

When I wrote my Anonabox Analysis yesterday evening, I expected perhaps a few comments from a few nerds.  I mostly wrote the analysis because I was curious.  I have spent a huge amount of time on the Cloak firmware, and I am always looking for inspiration…

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Government Surveillance #cloak #tor @Reclaim_Privacy

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Busted #anonabox Shall we resurrect #cloak ? ;-) #tor @Reclaim_Privacy

Lars Boegild Thomsen has dissected Anonabox – it gave up without a fight. For the more technical amongst you, you can skip straight to the gory details here.  The short version is, it doesn’t have any security at all – not even an access password. It does…

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Anonymity Issue Fixed #cloak #tor pointed out by @stevelord - thanx Steve!

Yesterday, Steve Lord (@stevelord on twitter) did a screen cast, where he was essentially dissecting the Cloak firmware.  I was fully aware of his intentions and had in fact provided him with a firmware copy myself.  I thoroughly enjoy being examined in…
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