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Help please! My google-fu isn't giving me any solutions to this:

I have a client who has their receptionist as the delegate for the meeting room bookings.
The HR team wants to book meeting rooms but does not want the receptionist to be able to view who the attendees of the meeting is.

The permissions of the meeting room is set up so that once the meeting is booked in the receptionist can no longer see the attendees but she can still see the attendees on the initial booking request.

I've looked into hiding the attendees which didn't find any results + auto-accepting the meeting requests just for the HR people but still came up with nothing.

The only thing I can possibly think of is to ask the HR staff to book the meeting without attendees and then update it after it's booked with the required attendees but it's not a very elegant solution.

Other info: Meeting room is set up as a resource calendar and client is running on O365 + Outlook 2016 (or whatever version comes with O365 these days)

Any ideas \ thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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If anyone is interested in this i would recommend it. It's an interesting watch!

In the process of interviewing for a new position in a new company and I'm currently done 4 interviews with the 5th interview scheduled for next week, roughly a month of time has passed since I first contacted them which made me wonder:
What is the longest interview process you've been involved with?

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Interesting to see if Sony can get some better controls for the PSVR before it releases. Will be an interesting space to watch

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I'm ready! Can't wait to get my Rift in July!

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Someone else shared so i thought I'd follow for the lulz 

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Could be... interesting... Although the freemium model kinda kills it for me
A very neat idea and it looks fun, o haven't backed it yet but I think I will.

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Is anyone else silly enough like to me to have pre-ordered the Rift?

Looking for ideas on what to play at a LAN i'm having with my mates and I thought i'd open it up to best games \ experiences you've had a LAN!
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