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General IT Related Discussion  - 
In the process of interviewing for a new position in a new company and I'm currently done 4 interviews with the 5th interview scheduled for next week, roughly a month of time has passed since I first contacted them which made me wonder:
What is the longest interview process you've been involved with?
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The most I've ever done was as the hiring manager. I would phone screen candidates for the first round. I would bring them in for a face to face, and for my boss to interview (sanity check), and my other direct reports would do a group interview (personality check). People who passed that I might have to ask back to meet the Department Head and HR. So that was a lot. (And that was just for a HelpDesk position!)

The longest, time-wise, has been as a candidate for a contractor position. I'd gone in to one or two interviews, plus a meet and greet with the client. And then it took a while for the position to be funded. And then the department had the money, but it couldn't add it to the contract. And then blah blah blah. It took almost a year to bring me on. (Which was fine because I was on the fence of leaving my current job anyway.)
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John Reczniarek

General/Discussion  - 
I'm ready! Can't wait to get my Rift in July!
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WTF? i7 5960X with GTX Titan X? Holy god
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Is anyone else silly enough like to me to have pre-ordered the Rift?
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I could build a pc for my 7 years old daughter with that money and play together terraria or minecraft or hero siege or broforce or......
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John Reczniarek

BenchMarks  - 
My results
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+Kevin Danger Powers - That's true, too much thinking for my brain :P
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Anyone keen to play something in the next hour or so?
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I'll be on in like a half hour...
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John Reczniarek

PlayStation  - 
Interesting to see if Sony can get some better controls for the PSVR before it releases. Will be an interesting space to watch
If Sony can get its PlayStation VR headset so it's in the same ballpark of user-friendliness as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it could do big things. We aren't counting out Sony's headset, but it also isn't there yet.
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Someone else shared so i thought I'd follow for the lulz 
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John Reczniarek

Industry Related Vents, Rants, Misc.  - 
Could be... interesting... Although the freemium model kinda kills it for me
A very neat idea and it looks fun, o haven't backed it yet but I think I will.
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It may just be me, but I feel like the developers could use a different engine and not use 8 bit graphics. 
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Looking for ideas on what to play at a LAN i'm having with my mates and I thought i'd open it up to best games \ experiences you've had a LAN!
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+John Reczniarek Noice! The commander is online! If you guys end up doing a big battle, my crew of flunkies may join your party lol
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John Reczniarek

BenchMarks  - 
+Shane Herald Ask and you shall receive - Only just beat it but!

Running stock reference Titan X - I'm saving for the $$$ to set up my watercooling loop and then i'll overclock
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cbf'd uploading the pic but with my 2 extra screens turned off and resolution changed from 1440p to 1080p:
FPS: 96.3
Score: 4030
Min FPS: 26.5
Max FPS: 167.8

Slight improvement :P
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John Reczniarek

Images | Memes  - 
Might as well share mine also... Everything is going swimmingly really, I'm mostly just always struggling to get more caps to finish upgrading all my rooms
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Nice wish my vault was huge
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John Reczniarek

Discussion/Other  - 
not a #PCMASTERRACE kinda person but this made me lol and havn't seen it before... :)
Funny Pictures brought to you by LolSnaps. Constant updates of the best funny pictures on the web.
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