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While the world is keenly watching the status in Gaza, it will be imprudent to forget Bosnia on this day. 

Both stories have a similar plot. An oppressor and an oppressed. The world sat silently while the people of Bosnia were killed, women violated, children raped. Only when it was too late, did the world decide to do something.

Somehow, ethnic cleansing doesn't seem to affect world leaders today. This, after nearly 7 decades of the holocaust, which, ironically, some idiots (in the name of Judaism) seek to play.
What The Media Isn't Telling You About Israel's A…:
60 Seconds Changes Lives:

And it is still amazing how some people can equate both sides of the conflict.
Israel and Palestine, an animated introduction.:
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This is perhaps one of the few instances where an apology has been issued. This is refreshing.

It also shows that we can, as viewers, hold major news channels accountable for their misrepresentation. 
Diane Sawyer apologized to her viewers on Thursday for an error she made about the current violence in Palestine and Israel on her Tuesday show. When introducing a segment about the conflict, Sawyer had misidentified the people in two photos, sayi...
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+Zul Rah : I find Democracy Now to be one of the most unbiased news source. In addition, I prefer following journalists' tweets.
Please sign this petition to make ABC News apologise for lying to its viewers.
ABC News recently showed footage of devastation in Gaza with the description "an Israeli family trying to salvage what they can." In the latest outbreak of violence, no Israeli homes have been destroyed, and no Israeli civilians have been hurt. As of this petition, approximately 75 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed by Israeli forces, with several hundred wounded. Several homes have been destroyed, along with mosques, schools and hospitals. W...
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Bragging rights
Loved college so much that I ended up in grad school, gained 12 pounds in one week, lost 20 pounds in one month, ran a marathon, lived with animals, lived with humans, scaled mountains, swam across rivers... enjoying life.
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I used to be a fairly regular visitor to Kabab House, since it advertises halal cuisine. The food is not spectacular and I've definitely had better food for the same price range. They make the same gravy for pretty much everything and change some of the seasonings, which isn't ideal. All this was fine by me. But, of late, the hygiene has left a lot to be desired. I had reported cockroaches multiple times and the owner told that they were coming from the adjoining Papa Johns. I'm never going back there since the cockroach situation is getting worse. Additionally, Muslims who have dietary concerns should try asking the owner about the halal certification if they need a proper yelling at by him. =)
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