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Ivana Split
blogger and translator/ MA degree in Croatian and English language and literature
blogger and translator/ MA degree in Croatian and English language and literature

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Asymmetrical bob (hairstyle illustration) / Asimetrični bob (ilustracija frizure)
EN Besides illustrating clothes,  there is something else I enjoy illustrating and that something else would be- hairstyles. Why not? You know what they say. Hair is one of the first things people notice about us (apart from our faces). Women have a special...

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Blue tears, red crown (painting of the day) / Plave suze, crvena kruna (slika dana)
Today I'm posting a relatively new painting. The medium is watercolour on cardboard. It is no revolutionary technique. It is just that when I use up all the paper in a sketchbook, I tend to paint on the covers that are made from- well cardboard.  The last p...

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Inspired by....Lera
EN Time for another Inspired by feature. Today I illustrated Lera from lerablogs . The medium is watercolour and pencil. This time I decided to leave the pencil outline. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I don't even use the pencil the sketch, bu...

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Book review: The Light Bearer, a novel by Donna Gillespie
Historical fiction, here we go again. I could just copy past everything I said in my last book review about Nefertiti.  Basically, historical fiction has disappointed me quite a few times. I mean.... How do you manage to get almost historical detail wrong? ...

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The art of criticism and the search for true love
I don't want someone who will love my flaws.  I want to be loved for what is best in me. Lately I've come across a lot of quotes on the subject of flaws that I disliked. Most of them sound like this: 'If someone truly loves me, they will love my flaws.' I m...

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Međugorje- Mostar (Styling cropped flares / nošenje kraćih trapezica)
One pair of cropped flared jeans. Two outfits. Two places (Mostar & Međugorje). Cropped flares seem to be in right now. I could pretend that I was right on trend. Say that I bought my cropped flares ahead of time. However, you would all know that's just not...

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DIY projekt of the day (bird print decoupage box)/ kreativni projekt dana (dekupaž kutija s uzorkom ptica)
Speaking of birds ......Besides being a bird lover, I'm also a bird print/pattern lover. Today I'm posting a simple DIY project. I bought this wooden box a while back. To customize it, I decided to paint it with acrylics. Apparently that wasn't enough for m...

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Ducks and Mostar / Patke i Mostar
If you suffer from a bird phobia, you might want to skip this post. There will be birds in this one, mainly ducks. If you don't like ducks, by all means don't scroll down.  There are more photos of ducks than of myself in this post. What can I do? I love du...

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Hutovo blato wintertime/ zimi ( part two/ drugi dio)
Here comes the second part of my visit to Hutovo blato . I even found this little spot there- a place I didn't notice during my previous visits. You need to walk a bit to get here, but it's worth the walk. Just follow the track and you'll know when you see ...

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Hutovo blato (part one) / Hutovo blato (prvi dio )
EN I had another post planned for today, but then I realized that it has been ages since I published an outfit post. Somehow my blog became dominated by my paintings and making those takes some time and effort, you know. Plus, there are some additional reas...
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