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As We Do
My daughter is a write. She's a story-teller. She's a truth-sayer. She just doesn't quite realize it. In a stroke of non-original genius, I suggested she start a blog. Typing feels less intrusive to her and she feels it's faster than writing. I tend to agre...

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I'm Cake & You Are Too
I'm participating in this very powerful, very deep, mind-blowing writing course - Writing the Womb . I knew this kind of writing was going to stretch me - I enjoy writing and I can spew journal pages and streams of consciousness with the best of them but Is...

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do yourself a favor and check this out. and then sign-up.

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Yoga {2.1.15}
I've been playing with yoga for awhile. She's pretty cool. I've sorda always wanted to be like her but, she's thinner and hippy'er and eats better. For a long time I just wanted to copy her. She'd show a pose - I'd try the pose. Mine wasn't so graceful. I'd...

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Here I am
Welcome to my cozy new space! I've been dreaming about this place for some time now. Like a year - maybe longer. Pardon the empty spaces - I'm in the process of moving in. But in the style of KonMar , I hope to keep things clean, connected, authentic, and h...

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This Much I Know
Hmmm, that's a loaded title, a loaded first line, and pretty
much loads up this blog post for a level of knowing that I'm pretty sure will
fall flat. Because here's the deal. I'm starting to realize that what I 'think'
I know is pretty much bunk, and I'm a ...

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Curious Observer
Here in the southern part of the Northeast, because apparently Virginia is part of the South, we've had numerous March snowstorms. It's enough to make someone crazy. I'm already crazy so...I felt quite at home.    I wrote this one mild morning. The birds we...

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Pay It Forward
My friend Amy, over at mamascout has her Dream Lab coming up in April. This lab is amazing, and has
changed the way I think about dreaming! We aren't talking dreams of
winning the lottery, or a dream that you get that brand new car. These are the big drea...

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Claiming It
in a recent discussion about Creativity and Art, a close friend encouraged me to claim my craft. i tend to think i'm not the most creative person, and the title 'Artist', when used in the same sentence with 'i am', makes me feel like an imposter.  but - thi...

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Breath Deep and Be Not Afraid
I can always lean into those HUGE questions - life questions, purpose questions, spirit questions - when I am surrounded by Nature. Almost as if Mother Nature is holding me while my heart and mind break open, seeking some clarity, reassurance, beauty, and p...
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