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JD Turner
Lanzarus - Blackwater Enlightened
Lanzarus - Blackwater Enlightened
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On a Sunday...
+James Bryant​​​, +Jenni Connolly​​​, +Lauren Rodil​​​, +JD Turner​​​, +TJ B​​​ +Kevin Shaw​​ +TheDoctorWho Girl
You see what had happened was, a few of us were feeling that fielding itch so we scratched that itch today for the 2pm checkpoint..
A few of the interior layers didn't make checkpoint due to a wolf that was already on the prowl in the area but all of the 2nd grouping made it.
930,304 mu total... not bad for a Sunday afternoon stroll by a few bored agents!
AND in the midst of fielding Agent Vashti42 earned Level 12 and Agent AnOwlfulPun earned Level 10!
It was a truly a good day for the Enlightened of Western Tidewater!
"Team work makes the dream work" 
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If your one of the last ones still on Google+, does it make you a hipster? Can you link it to your mySpace?
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