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Is there anybody here, who has received phone and camera together? I am interested, did you get them as a one box, or two separate boxes with the same. trackings on the boxes?

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No titles yet, sorry 😃 what can it be? 😃

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Well done guys!!
if you own a Cube 3D Printer - this is for you

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We are building a big size 3d printer (a university project). It will be cartesian type, 2m×3m×1.5m. Will use Openbuilds c-beams as linear rails, Nema34 steppers for X and Y, 6 Nema23 on wormgears with sfu2005 ballscrews for lifting the bed up and down (Z). This is a pellet extruder with 4mm nozzle (have exchangeable nozzles with different sizes). Tested with ABS pellets and working flawlesly. Extruder is the first "milestone", so we passed it 😃

Is there some kind of c-beam mafia? I am trying to catch the moment, when c-beam 1500 is in stock, I get email notification, whenever I get it (2 times a day), I get on to the web site RIGHT AWAY, and it's out, every time :( is there somebody uses all his time 24/7, watching/refreshing the c-beam page and buys all stock, when it's in, or some have written bots doing this, or Openbuilds puts one c-beam only??
I am puzzzled... is there any other way to purchase the one I want? and I just have only 3 left, to complete my Mega3D Printer project.

I am surprised how fast c-beams are sold. I got a notification on arrival c-beam 1500), immediately jumped to the c-beam page and it was arleady out of stock :(

If I need to change a nozzle (I have e3d v6), I have to remove the filament, of course, but, should I heat up the hotend before unscrewing the nozzle, or should I do it, when it's cold?

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Smoothing ABS with XTC-3D... and Voronoi style is so stunning! 😃
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Made some additional fixing for table and removed the top fix of the ballscrew. Also put a new filament, that claims to be very good here is the same cylinder and Aria the Dragon. Always wanted to have one 😃
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here is what I built +Hakan Evirgen+Michael Scholtz
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