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Ryan Ng
Think of yourself can do more what you capable of. Never settle with more than just one thing in life, doing everything you like with your full capacity to achieve the outcome of your life.
Think of yourself can do more what you capable of. Never settle with more than just one thing in life, doing everything you like with your full capacity to achieve the outcome of your life.

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Winner no excuse to do more, but loser quit when it is too much to handle the workload to be a winner.

People often ask me " Why you are so great in emotion?" well, I think you are in the lousy focus in life.

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FoodBox it is generally addressing the key question of food business, as many people already know this fact, food business can never run out of option and it is available in anywhere and it is tough to break it into the taste of majority people.

By doing what it is necessary important for food business to survive, it is helps with improve of overall sale for majority customer as people enjoy their food as they want it in various way.

This is important as a lesson to know, don't know think it is good then doing it and don't think it is simply just easily can start a start up without knowing a few fact of running a business. It is important as majority of business never truly address the critical need of customer.

Sex is a joke.

1. One time, not enough, than what to the girl?
2. Then, after dinner we have one, I thought last night you making me feel fear about men on women?
3. This week like " do you mean your mind muscle is on this, I think men have better purpose "
4. I thought what actually is this men thinking each night, he want more sexual activity, I think men are just sex machine.
5. I thought what it means by men never understand women never need all these.
6. I thought what actually mean that women think it is like men never know why women is to communicate to known, and understand without the extra like sex.
7. I thought what actually mean by making love? I think it is like wrong word that for baby then I interested.
8. I thought what actually having sex problem? I think immature to think sex is for fun.
9. I thought in bed with men feel the awful feeling that men just thinking about sex for the reason men loves it, I think men is to know having a child is more important duty as a wife.
10. I thought in bed with men feel like the sex is really crazy and make me think like he is really have sex for the purpose not thinking about me.

How to justify the worry of men in the women mind?

After duration of 6 years by understanding opportunity and realize non of it called tech, so no tech. It is long journey of finding out why all these dumb tech never make the dime and it is stupidly become the dumbfounded terms called tech and never make it to the hands of millions.

Look at all the SaaS, non of the people knowing what is the tech. Billion? No way you make it that much because the world never need a tech more than 2 which Facebook and Wahtsapp.

Failed tech everywhere, and eventually all those hopeful and never been known to the tech is a failed place that doesn't called a tech industry.
Every tech never make a dime and no one use after 3 month of trial. So, it is a dumb tech that never really use by people who downloaded after 6 month.

Why men think you think I what?

He always think you just trying to think about your standpoint, you naive to think about me. Failed for the first meeting with women because immaturely handle women and never know what topic to talk. Everyday like those swagger, hard to face girl everyday. 

Everytime a date comes, he feel like he doesn't understand why he never known what actually girls want, feeling like unable to get the meaning of what women means, he give up and never really want it.

Single man and single women thinking.

Why you really want me? I test you for the everything you really know each day, I feel reluctant to answer your capability in loving me. Why you never know this? How do you know I want it? How I think you should better stop trying.

Let's joke some dumb joke.

I think every day it is like " you mean this bench can make it into Salesforce " I think you mean another way round, why not just get to the bench and sit.

I think you should come to look for the place called HolidayWood, well I think I use AirBnB for the reason of finding home stay to grilled some beef at the backyard of Mark.

I think ToDoist makes me feel like productivity that truly bring a better lifestyle, but look at myself with this software I find I am stuck with how many Uncomplete task that never achieve.

I think I am just finish clipping on Evernote and feeling like " wow, I finally using Evernote for the reason to keep my life organize " then, now, I feel disorganized because having everyday organize.

I think I think of using Square for the prefer gateway to do my payment for this shop, now I think I just have to paid an little 0.25% for a transaction, well it is dirt cheap, and I think I might I just use it.

Harry, you seem like thinking many version of me, and I feeling like " oh, did you mean going out to get your a takeaway " well.i think probably not. But, look he is just really like those guy really make me feel nervous and I think he is really just loving me for fun.

Now, 3 month, I feel like fast forward, feeling like going through ups and down with him and now I thinking what to do next to really makes the decision to really find another one. It seems, he is such a dick head that never really talking to me, like as if I am just miss whatever.

Now, after one month of qurrel, I think we just like having a quiet period and thinking what is the worst scenario.
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