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Alexander van Elsas
Founder and CEO of Zwapp, a Social App Discovery Service that helps ou find the best apps trough your friends
Founder and CEO of Zwapp, a Social App Discovery Service that helps ou find the best apps trough your friends

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There seems to be a lot of concern regarding the change in the Terms of Service of Instagram. 


It leads to posts explaining how to remove your stuff from Instagram:

And an official response from the CEO:

Instead of being concerned Instagram might use a photo of yours in an advertisement, think what Facebook really bought with Instagram. 

Location data, device data, tagged content, user profiles and the connection between you, your device, and thousands of other mobile users and their devices.  Each piece of data ready to be used in the data hungry advertisement platform of Facebook.

Welcome to the Instagram social and mobile graph baby! That's worth a Billion allright.

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Father and youngest son together in a triathlon race. I beat my personal record with 5 minutes, but my youngest actually did even better. In his first triathlon ever he came in fourth :-) #proud  
Quarter triathlon
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Is this idiot for real? WTF?

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I am beginning to wonder why it is that Americans seem to have weight/health issues:

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There is a possibility that for the first time in 15 years the elfstedentocht, a 200 kilometer ice skating race, can be organized again. There needs to be 15cm of ice on every canal and lake, and this isn't the case yet. Weather conditions are good, still lots of cold weather until the weekend. If the race is on, then I am one of the 16.000 lucky people in Holland that has a ticket, wh00t, wh00t! :-)

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Een nieuwe blog post: 8 redenen waarom het Boerka verbod de plank volledig misslaat

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Dit is toch gewoon te gek voor woorden! Soms schaam ik me voor ons land. Streng handhaven is prima, maar iedereen over een kam scheren en daar vervolgens volstrekt vernederlandste kindjes de dupe van laten worden, dat kan toch niet? Teken die petitie en laten we dit snel oplossen.

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I can understand passionate users. But this is way beyond passion, This is a bloody disgrace. #adblockplus

The nr of extreme beautiful women following me on G+ is increasing fast. Either I am a hip and sexy tech dude, or spamming is increasing.

I obviously prefer to think it is the former one :-)
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