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OM SHIV NARROW FAB is Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier Of Garment Accessories like Fancy Zari Laces, Velvet Laces, Crochet Laces, Zari Border, Cords, Embroidery Laces & Etc.
OM SHIV NARROW FAB is Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier Of Garment Accessories like Fancy Zari Laces, Velvet Laces, Crochet Laces, Zari Border, Cords, Embroidery Laces & Etc.

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#Caturday Special Why Are Cats So Flexible?

Cats have the same basic skeleton and internal organs as human beings and other meat-eating mammals. The skeleton of a cat has about 250 bones. The exact number of bones varies, depending on the length of the cats tail. The skeleton serves as a framework that supports and protects the tissues and organs of a cats body. Most of the muscles attached to the skeleton are long, thin, and flexible. They enable a cat to move with great ease and speed. Cats can run about 30 miles (48 kilometers) per hour.

The arrangement of the bones and the joints that connect them permits a cat to perform a variety of movements. Unlike many animals, a cat walks by moving the front and rear legs on one side of its body at the same time, and then the legs on the other side. As a result, a cat seems to glide. Its hip joint enables a cat to leap easily. Other special joints allow a cat to turn its head to reach most parts of its body.

Cats are so flexible because of their high number of vertebrae, or individual spinal bone disks. Including their tails, cats have up to 53 vertebrae. By comparison, a human spine contains 33 vertebrae. While all animals' vertebrae has cushioning between the individual disks, a cat’s spine has more elastic cushioning than most mammals. This allows them to be able to twist themselves more easily, at angles of as much as 180 degrees. Cats also have tiny collarbones, which gives them the ability to flatten themselves to fit through small openings. When cats fall from tall heights, their flexibility is what generally keeps them from breaking any bones, because they are able to twist and reposition themselves mid-fall to land on their feet.

More about cats:

    Cats can jump as much as nine times their height from sitting down.

    Kittens as young as seven weeks know how to manipulate their bodies to fall from tall heights without injuring themselves.

    Cats have a wide range of vocal sounds — an estimated 100 of them. By comparison, dogs can make about 10 vocal sounds.

SCIENTISTS have discovered that the purring of cats is a "natural healing mechanism" that has helped inspire the myth that they have nine lives. Wounded cats - wild and domestic - purr because it helps their bones and organs to heal and grow stronger, say researchers who have analysed the purring of different feline species. This, they say, explains why cats survive falls from high buildings and why they are said to have "nine lives".

The cat having nine lives represents the unique relation to humans. The legend of Noah and his Ark are well known but there is another legend that is associated with this that many people have never heard. There weren’t any domestic cats when Noah built the Ark, but there were rats and mice on board. They reproduced and soon there were too many vermin. Noah asked the lion for help so the lion sneezed and this is when the first domestic cats appeared to help rid of the vermin. ♥

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It's fun to hand feeding hummingbirds

Hand feeding hummingbirds can be a magical, enchanting experience for any backyard birder, and with patience and perseverance it can be surprisingly easy to arrange.

Any backyard birder with a hummingbird feeder can feed hummingbirds by hand. The key to success is to gain the birds’ trust, however, and it takes several steps to do so.

    Attract Hummingbirds: First, it is necessary to attract hummingbirds. Plant hummingbird flowers, put out several suitable feeders and make your backyard a hummingbird haven. To make it easier to hand feed hummingbirds, arrange the feeders and flowers in a single location to concentrate where the birds visit and help them become familiar with where food is available.

    Take Notes: As the hummingbirds visit your yard, note when the most popular feeding times are each day and how many birds take advantage of the feeders. If there is one feeder that is especially popular, study the birds’ behavior to learn why they prefer it.

    Be Present: Once hummingbirds regularly visit the feeding station, it is time to get them used to your presence. During the most popular feeding times, sit outside several feet away from the feeders. Each day, move a small step or two closer to the feeders, but remain still so the birds are not threatened. Avoid any sudden moves or unnecessary sounds while the birds gradually learn that you won’t hurt them.

    Be Consistent: As the birds are getting used to your presence, be consistent with what time you’re at the feeders, how you stand or sit and what you wear. Keeping your behavior similar day after day will help the birds become accustomed to you more quickly, but it may still take several days or weeks for them to feel comfortable with you nearby.

    Hold the Feeder: When the birds have become used to you and you’re able to sit or stand very close to the feeder without disturbing them, it is time to try holding the feeder for them to eat. Remove other feeders to concentrate their activity at the feeder you’re holding, and keep the feeder very still to avoid startling the birds. If you are patient, a hummingbird may sip from the feeder within just a few minutes.

    Provide a Perch: If you want an even more intimate experience hand feeding hummingbirds, offer your finger or hand as a perch in front of the feeder’s feeding ports. This is easy to do by cupping the feeder in your hand or placing your fingers alongside an existing perch.

For many birders, having a hummingbird land on their finger to feed is an amazing experience. If you want to have an even more intimate encounter with these flying jewels, consider using a very small dish as a feeder, such as a red bottle cap, a test tube or a floral tube and rest it in your palm or hold it in a closed fist. Once the birds are used to landing on your hand to feed, you can even put a small splash of nectar directly in your hand.
Tips for Hand Feeding Hummingbirds

It can take several weeks for hummingbirds to become accustomed to your presence and feel safe feeding from your hands. To make the process easier…

    Wear a red shirt or hat or a floral print to attract the birds to you. Even small red accents such as a red bead bracelet or red nail polish can help guide the birds to the feeder you’re holding.

    Choose a simple feeder style with only a single feeding port. This will allow you to position the feeder so the birds will land on your hand or give you good views while you’re feeding them.

    Try feeding hummingbirds by hand only late in the season when there are more birds visiting your feeders. The more competition there is for food, the more likely a bold bird will be to land on your hand or visit a hand-held feeder.

    Remove multiple feeders and deadhead nearby red flowers to help concentrate hummingbirds’ activity closer to the feeder you are holding. This reduces the availability of alternative feeding locations and may encourage a more reluctant bird to try a hand-held feeder.

    Brace your hand or arm on a table, stool or other steady support. It may take up to an hour before a hummingbird tries your feeder, and if your hand is shaking or unsteady they will be less likely to come close enough to feed.

    Always be patient. Hummingbirds may be curious and adventurous, but they are still wild birds and can be unpredictable. If you aren’t able to hand feed hummingbirds one day, try again the next day for better success.

Feeding Hummingbirds Away From Home

If you aren’t able to feed hummingbirds by hand at home, contact local nature centers and bird sanctuaries to see if they offer a hummingbird feeding program. Two popular destinations for hand feeding hummingbirds are Lake Hope State Park in Ohio and Rocklands Bird Sanctuary in Jamaica, and both facilities have worked for years to condition hummingbirds to be relaxed around visitors in order to make hand feeding possible. While other sanctuaries and parks may not have ongoing hummingbird hand feeding programs, they may be able to arrange an opportunity for you to try.
Hummingbird Feeding Safety

When you’re feeding hummingbirds by hand, always keep the birds’ safety in mind. Do not allow very young children to try feeding the birds if they may be scared or impatient, and keep pets indoors at all times when the hummingbirds are feeding. Avoid the temptation to touch or stroke a bird’s wings or heads, as their delicate plumage can be easily damaged and a strong touch can injure the bird and will destroy the trust you’ve built with them.

Feeding hummingbirds by hand may seem exotic, but with patience and adequate preparation, any birder with hummingbirds in their backyard can be feeding them by hand before they know it.

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When you do something noble and beautiful…
…..and nobody noticed,
Do not be sad.
For the Sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle
And yet most of the audience still sleeps.

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