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Spider bites Australian man on penis again
A 21-year-old Australian tradesman has been bitten by a venomous spider on the penis for a second time.

"Jordan, who preferred not to reveal his surname, said he was bitten on "pretty much the same spot" by the spider."

"I'm the most unlucky guy in the country at the moment."
"I was like 'I can't believe it's happened again.' I looked down and I've seen a few little legs come from around the rim."
A 21-year-old Australian tradesman using a portable toilet on a building site is bitten by a venomous spider on the penis for a second time.
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I always comply with US laws regarding jelly fish +Tony C, it was the evil jelly fish who took advantage of my balls being there to be stung. Or else.
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Xabier Ostale

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Revealed: the criminals making millions from illegal wildlife trafficking
"Investigation uncovers the ringleaders profiting from $23bn annual trade in illicit animals after more than a decade of undercover surveillance"
"The investigation exposes the central role of international organised crime groups in mutilating and killing tens of thousands of animals and threatening to eliminate endangered species including tigers, elephants and rhinos."
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Raça podre da sociedade !
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Xabier Ostale

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The Most Common Worms in Humans
Worms in humans have been a cause of misery for millenia. These parasites contribute to disease, disability, disfigurement and death in a large portion of the world's population.

Filiarial worms, pinworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, Loa loa, ascariasis, Guinea worms, botfly larvae, and ringworms.
Worms in humans are common, even in developed nations. They take a toll on a person's health, and cause horrific disfigurations and disease. Let's take a look at the most common of these parasites.
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+Tony C, LOL
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Xabier Ostale

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Shocking Yourself Back to Health – Medical Electricity
"When electricity was new and strange (and before we had federal oversight of medical devices) many medical practitioners proclaimed electric current as the healer of all our ills. Scores of different machines were marketed on both sides of the Atlantic that shocked patients for medicinal purposes. These machines could give a gentle tingle to a brain-numbing jolt."
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Is there a superhero named Electric-man/woman/boy/girl? Able to shoot currents of various (appropriate) voltages to activate electrical equipment, and saving the city (and even the whole world) when the power grids are destroyed by invading aliens?
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Xabier Ostale

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A Brief History of Standards
"It was broad standardization that paved the way for the Industrial Revolution. Interchangeable parts dramatically reduced costs, allowing for easy assembly of new goods, cheap repairs, and most of all, they reduced the time and skill required for workers. Or consider how those manufactured products are then shipped—likely by train. Prior to the standardization of the railroad gauge, cargo traveling between regions would have to be unloaded and moved to new trains because the distance between rails no longer matched the train’s wheels."

"On the other end of the spectrum, the failure to enact proper standards isn’t just inefficient and costly, it can prove disastrous—such as in 1904, when a vicious fire broke out in Baltimore. New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC quickly sent support, but found their efforts to be in vain as their fire hoses weren’t compatible with local fire hydrants. The fire would burn for over 30 hours and destroy 2,500 buildings."

"Early manifestations of an open standard were physical, the quintessential embodiment being the creation of the shipping container. Conceptualized by Malcom McLean in the 1950s and later standardized by the U.S. Maritime Administration and the International Standards Organization in the 1960s, the shipping container became a universal standard for moving goods."

"Before the rise of open standards, it was physically impossible to connect different computers. Even if you could connect them, they each required proprietary information to understand one another. The creation of standards like Ethernet, TCP/IP, and HTML allowed an unprecedented level of interoperability and simplicity when it came to transporting data."
Ripple Insights features industry updates, insider perspectives and in-depth market analysis.
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Xabier Ostale

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We are gobsmacked and disappointed, time and again, that someone can come and tell us something that is patently not the case. Fudging the issues, spinning the story, and leaving us with no hope for justice.

I'm going back to bed x
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You got it body
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Xabier Ostale

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Madness in 14th-century France
Ball of the Burning Men (1393)


The Bal des Ardents (Ball of the Burning Men) or Bal des Sauvages was a masquerade ball held on 28 January 1393 in Paris at which Charles VI of France performed in a dance with five members of the French nobility. Four of the dancers were killed in a fire caused by a torch brought in by a spectator, Charles' brother Louis, Duke of Orleans. King Charles and the remaining dancer, the noble knight Ogier de Nantouillet, survived. The ball was one of a number of events intended to entertain the young king, who the previous summer had suffered an attack of insanity.

In the pic:
Le bal des Ardents.
Froissart's Chronicles , c. 1470 - 1475

The Duchess of Berry holds her blue skirts over a barely visible Charles VI of France as the dancers tear at their burning costumes. One dancer has leapt into the wine vat; in the gallery above, musicians continue to play.
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I don't know where the tradition is rooted, but I guess the Burning Man comes from a much older tradition +Bryce Miller. Although we tend to praise too much our silly traditions looking for preceding traditions.
Anyway, from an anti aristocratic point of view, at least those 14th-century aristocratic arsholes burnt alive, although the mad king sadly survived. LOL
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Xabier Ostale

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It pays to work out the pecking order early on.

Nighty night x
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Bottom feeders are perhaps at the end of the food chain once all the rich pickings have been taken.
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A good movie about a pandemic.
Contagion (2011)
Considering my interest in epidemics is strange that I haven't watched this movie before. As I am now with a cold with fever, coughing, and with running nose, I think it's a good time to watch this movie, which is very realistic about something that might happen in real life. The science behind the movie is rather accurate and how they deal with possible pandemics, showing the unpreparedness we face in the wake of a global calamity.
This is serious stuff in a blood curdling movie, a reminder of the uncertainty and the fear that only get worse when we realize that all hell can break loose.

And here an article about the role of structural biology in viruses that is shown in the movie:
Hollywood Science: Structural Biology in 'Contagion'

"The creators of "Contagion" greatly emphasized accurately depicting a viral outbreak and the scientific response to such a pandemic."
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yes brother
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Xabier Ostale

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Splice the mainbrace, lads!

Nighty night x
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via +Uche Eke 
How Big Pharma’s industrial waste is fuelling the rise in superbugs worldwide
"Factories in China and India – where the majority of the world’s antibiotics are produced – are releasing untreated waste fluid containing active ingredients into surrounding areas."

"Ingredients used in antibiotics get into the local soil and water systems, leading to bacteria in the environment becoming resistant to the drugs. They are able to exchange genetic material with other nearby germs, spreading antibiotic resistance around the world."

"In India, where much of the raw material produced by Chinese factories is turned into finished drugs, various studies have found “high levels of hazardous waste” and “large volumes of effluent waste” being dumped into the environment."

"The factory pollution mixes with waste from farms and sewage plants, providing an ideal breeding ground for the drug-resistant bacteria. Once established in the environment, the germs can spread around the world through air and water, and by travellers visiting countries where the bacteria are prevalent."
A new report highlights how dirty production methods and dumping of industrial waste at antibiotic factories in China and India is fuelling the growth of superbugs, which pose a catastrophic threat to global public health.
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Im not
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Via +Ian Neil Schmidt 
Millions Of Americans May Be Drinking Toxic Water, Harvard Study Finds
The correlation between several illnesses and water pollutants seems more pronounced, therefore there should be more studies to find out evident links between them. Cancer, immune system related diseases (allergies, intolerance, asthma, skin conditions, hormones in disarray), and others for which they haven't found yet any clear cause or that they are starting to show relation to inflammation and gut flora (fibromyalgia, alzheimer, depression, hypothyroidism, autism, etc).
There should be an intensification in research on the effects of microplastics, heavy metals, and others. The asbestos paradigm is getting short in comparison to the actual situation with general pollution of a myriad of chemical products. This is, to put it mildly, a catastrophe.
However, even an enhancement of water treatment is not going to solve the issue, as pollution is on the rise, leaking the water supply infrastructure. I foresee an immune system global crisis as long as environmental degradation is on the way, leading to vulnerability to many epidemics.
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+Alan Hearnshaw, sounds pretty ominous. We should have in mind that guillotines are cheap and environmentally friendly.
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