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GBIF Backbone - August 2016 Update
GBIF has just put a new backbone taxonomy into production! Since our last update of the GBIF Backbone we have received various feedback and gained insight into potential code improvements. Here is a quick summary of what has changed in this August 2016 vers...

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Updating the GBIF Backbone
The taxonomy employed by GBIF for organising all occurrences into a
consistent view has remained unchanged since 2013. We have been working on
a replacement for some time and are pleased to introduce a preview in this
post. The work is rather co...

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Reprojecting coordinates according to their geodetic datum
For a long time Darwin Core has a term to declare the exact geodetic datum used for the given coordinate.
Quite a few data publishers in GBIF have used dwc:geodeticDatum for some time to publish the datum of their location coordinates. Until now GBIF has tr...

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Multimedia in GBIF
We are happy to announce another long awaited improvement to the GBIF portal. Our portal test environment now shows multimedia items and their metadata associated with occurrences. As of today we have nearly 700 thousand occurrences with multimedia indexed....

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GBIF Backbone in GitHub
For a long time I wanted to experiment with using GitHub as a tool to browse and manage the GBIF backbone taxonomy . Encouraged by similar sentiments from  Rod Page , it would be nice to use git to keep track of versions and allow external parties to fork p...
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