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This is an #autoawesome that G+ created to caption my pain...haha.

It's an argument I had with Siri, trying to get him to call my sister (Caprisha = Kah-pree-shah). Siri used to understand her name (before the update), but now he's having issues apparently. We argued over these same variations for 15+ tries. (Yes, I'm stubborn. 😏)

I sent these screenshots to her because we tend to enjoy the different ways our names get butchered. 😄
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The first +Secret Santa gift I sent should arrive tomorrow! Excited!

#GPlusSanta #SecretSanta
It's #GivingTuesday ! Spread some joy.
Browse all the wishlists here:

Following Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday exists to remind us all to be more selfless and look after each other. On Giving Tuesday, nonprofits aren't the only ones in need. Giving to an individual could be the most important contribution you make all year.

You've all submitted over 907 wishlists so far this year (it's only the 3rd!) and everyone deserves something for Christmas. Take the time on this Giving Tuesday to give a little something special to a friend, stranger, or follower. Show someone you care. It could mean more than you think.

Add your wishlist here:

#SecretSanta   #GPlusSanta  
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'Tis the season! I'm excited to start spreading some cheer! I've added my +Secret Santa list. My family is kind of far away, so this is so fun!

Happy Holidays, #GPlusSanta!

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Chanaya Sadler

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Because I laughed...and I needed a laugh. :)
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A more complete viewing of my first +Secret Santa gift from +Keri Baker. You see, I tried to get Gidget and Sophie Lou on the pic with me, but they were way too interested in the toy to try to pose. :)

#SecretSanta #GPlusSanta
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Yay! My first +Secret Santa gift could not have come at a better time!

Thank you, +Keri Baker!! You are the BEST!! 🎉🎉

This week has been kicking my behind, and I arrived home to find a box full of wonderful thoughtfulness! It absolutely made my week (and that of my girls -- more pics to come)!

And apparently we think a lot alike - you and I. I guess that's why we're friends. Hehe. ☺️

#GPlusSanta #SecretSanta
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I believe in the doggy full moon. I'm kinda glad I wasn't the only one... :D
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Chanaya Sadler

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Thanks to +Keri Baker I found out about this.  I'm excited!  For my other early adopters out there...
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Chanaya Sadler

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I present your Thursday Morning Thought-Starter...

I have actually read this post.  I'm sharing it because it has some truth to it, and it made me think this early on Thursday morning.

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Recap of #NYGvsKC as #KCChiefs improve to 4-0!

#ChiefsKingdom #ChiefsNation
source: +Kansas City Chiefs FB feed
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Yes ma'am. Go chiefs! #Tomahawkchop!
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Have her in circles
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