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Andreas Bertits

There have been concerns raised how PvP will impact exploring in SotA. If I want to play in OPO but don't want to participate in PvP will I not be able to explore every corner of the world? Will there be areas that I cannot enter as others will beat me up there? Will I not be able to mine the highest-level ore if I don't want to participate in PvP? If so this means that I will get punished for not participating in PvP as I won't be able to explore the whole world and get every items/ore/ressource etc. I will not get the same "amount of game" as PvP-players if I just have to stick to roads and safe areas without being able to explore the world with friends and strangers in peace... How about SPO and FPO, will there also be some areas I cannot explore as they are "PvP-only"?
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