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The leader in children's formal wear, with a complete line of flower girl dresses and special occasion apparel for boys and girls.
The leader in children's formal wear, with a complete line of flower girl dresses and special occasion apparel for boys and girls.

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Making it Feel Like Fall
Not too long ago we passed the first official day of fall. Isn’t it crazy how fast this year is flying by? It seriously seems like yesterday that I was decorating our Christmas tree! Well, as many of you already know, I love this time of year. I don’t do a ...

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The Perfect Parents

Have you ever paid much attention to other parents when you and your family are out and about? Normally, I am focused on my own kids and their behavior and don’t have time to worry about the behavior of other people’s children. However, there are some times when my children are being good or when my husband and I go out for “date” night when I am actually able to pay attention to other families and how their kids behave.

As most of you know, my husband and I have two young boys (ages 2 and 6) so it’s a rare occasion when we aren’t spending most of our time teaching them how to behave in public. It’s not that our children are bad or total heathens, it’s just that they are both still learning the ropes for appropriate public behavior. I mean, we all know that things are a little more relaxed at home than they are elsewhere, right?

So, back to my original question: Have you ever paid much attention to other parents when you and your family are out and about? What have you noticed?

The things I’ve noticed when watching other parents with their children are:

1. There aren’t any perfect parents.
2. There aren’t any perfect children.

Yep, that’s what I’ve noticed. And, I’m betting that if you take the time to observe other families, you will notice the same thing.
So, why is it that we are so quick to judge other parents when they are just like you and I?

Yes, I’ve noticed that too. Not only have I caught myself thinking something along the lines of, “Well, she’s not handling that very well,” or, “If I were her, I would not put up with my child acting like that,” but I’ve also noticed the disapproving looks I’ve received from other parents from time to time.

For example, my husband and I decided one weekend that it would be a fun family outing to take our boys to a local dog show. The only problem was when we got there we were told that strollers were not allowed. This meant we would have to hold the 2 year old the entire time. Not a problem except our little man has discovered his independence and he did not want to be held.

We had been there for about 30 minutes and were watching the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog show when he had had enough. He started throwing the famous 2 year old fit. We immediately got up and headed for the door. On our way we received several irritated looks from others and we encountered one woman who felt the need to tell us, “you need to control your kid.” Keep in mind this was as we were leaving.

I understand that our son was disruptive but at the same time we were on our way out. Was there really any need the looks or the rude comment? The answer is no.

While I used to be pretty judgmental of parents of young children when their children would act up in public, I can tell you that my views have changed drastically now that I am a parent with young children. Now I understand that there aren’t any perfect children out there. They all have bad days, and most of the time, they occur on days when they are in public.

I guess my point with this is to encourage you to show compassion towards other parents when they are dealing with imperfect children in your presence. Just remember that every child goes through a learning curve during their early years. Not only are they learning new rules, but they are also learning how to express themselves. Young children are not always able to use their words to express their frustration over a certain situation and they aren’t always able to control their emotions either. These are things that they have to learn.
Therefore, when you are out and about and notice a family who is struggling to stay composed when a child has an unexpected meltdown, be nice and offer a friendly smile if they look your way. If you are close enough, why not send them a little encouragement by saying, “I’ve been there. You’re doing a good job,” or something similar?

Remember, as parents we are all in this thing together. We may have different views in regards to the appropriate way to raise our children, but the bottom line is that we are all facing the same struggles. There isn’t any need to tear each other down. Instead, we should be encouraging each other and building one another up.

Have you caught yourself judging other parents when their children aren’t acting their best? Perhaps, you have been judged for how you’ve handled a situation with your children? What are your thoughts regarding this?

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Back-to-School Shopping Tips
It’s hard to believe that in just a few short weeks many of our children are going to be heading back to school. For me, the summers usually go by slowly, giving us plenty of time to enjoy the long warm (and hot) days, but this summer flew by so fast that I...

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Sunburns and Summer Fun
Summer is officially here and that means it’s time to ride bikes, go camping, play baseball/softball, host BBQ’s, go swimming and enjoy any other outdoor activity that you can! It’s pretty safe to say that summertime is probably the most looked-forward to s...

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Bringing Home Baby: The Clothing Essentials for Newborn Babies
While I am officially done having babies, I am still
very much in “baby” mode as I have two cousins and a best friend who are all
expecting their FIRST baby within the next few months! Although it has been
over six years since I gave birth to our first baby...

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Mother’s Day 2015 Gift Guide
Mother’s Day 2015 is just around the corner!
Seriously, it’s going to be here before you know it. Have you and your children
prepared anything special for the special lady? As a mother, I know that a lot of times we tell our
husbands and children not to wor...

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New Year Health Goals: Getting Started
It’s that time of year again…the time of year when everyone sets new goals for themselves. Most likely, the most popular goal among adults (I know I’m guilty) is to improve our health in some way. If this wasn’t true, then we wouldn’t see a slew of weight l...

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How to Save Money on Fall and Winter Clothes for the Whole Family
I know I’ve talked about how you can save money on the kids when it comes time to clean out their closets and update the outgrown clothes, but I haven’t talked about how you can save money when shopping for the entire family as fall and winter approach. And...

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Holiday Formalwear Guide for Kids
If you weren’t ready for the holidays a few weeks ago, now is the time to get it together as the holidays are practically here! At my house, this is the craziest part of the year! We have school programs, holiday parties, holiday baking, caroling, decoratin...
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