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Hi Everyone,

This week I’m going to give you some tips on how best to prepare your audio files for the Mixing Engineer, giving you a better mix, a better master and a better final product!

There are different ways you can prepare your files depending on the type of song you have produced.  For example, if an acoustic artist had recorded one acoustic guitar, a lead vocal and 2 backing tracks, it’s very straight-forward and the best thing to do would be send in each separate track, exported from bar 0 to the end of the song, panned central and dry.  That way the engineer can apply their own EQ and effects and have full control over the direction of the mix (with your input, of course).

In some cases I have worked on experimental electronic music with upwards of 70 separate tracks making up the song.  The producer had made his own special FX on some of the tracks, which were integral to that sound so the best thing to do in this case, rather than me try and replicate a ‘glitch’ effect for example, is send in both the wet track and the dry track too, so I have full options on what to do.
It’s always good to send in tracks panned central to give the engineer full control when sitting things in the mix.  Again, if you had made some special panning automation then it’s best to send in both the dry track, and the track with the effect on, to give the engineer the choice.

So to recap;
- Save your project as a new version (so as not to lose anything you have done) for example Peter-Song1 would be saved as Peter-Song2
- Turn off all of your effects, EQ and everything off the master
- Set all volume faders to 0 db
- Set the pan central
- Undo any volume automation you may have added
- Put your loop markers around the whole song, from start to finish
- If you software has an ‘export all tracks’ option, use this.
- In rare cases, with non-mainstream software, you must export each track one-by-one
- Export the files at 24 bit Wav / 44.1
- Re-import the files into a blank project to check they all line up with each other

Any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.
Peter Carter (Black Dog Mixing Engineer)
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Andy Bartow

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Ever wanted to get your music on Pandora?

It is actually pretty easy to submit your music. There are six steps and they are actually pretty easy. This could be a great way to market your music and get it heard around the world. Remember, Pandora chooses music randomly depending on the users listening choices.
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Andy Bartow

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Follow BDM on Twitter to receive a 20% Discount on your next project.
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Andy Bartow

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Hey everyone! We're busy as usual in both the mixing and mastering studios.

Did you see our competition to win FREE mastering of a song of your choice? We are now going to end this on Friday and pick a winner!

All you have to do to enter is click ''Like'' and ''Share'' on

Good luck!
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Andy Bartow

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*Competition to win FREE Mastering of a song of your choice with just 2 clicks!*  Head over to our Facebook page and find the 'Competition' status to enter!
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Andy Bartow

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Congratulations to this months second winner of the Black Dog Mixing and Mastering Contest - Philip Quinton! Don't forget to enter and share for more chances to be our next winner!
Good luck everyone!
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