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The preview of Sencha Touch 2 is now more consistent with ExtJS4. Thank you Sencha!
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I devoted a lot of time developing AIR apps and Sencha is simply better in every respect both Desktop and Mobile. Touch 2 is really maturing nicely.
But I thought you can't use Ext JS with Sencha Touch?
They are coming closer to having the same core - have a look at Touch 2 developer preview. Soon it seems it will be one consistent foundation, if not already achieved.

"Class System and Apps
Sencha Touch 2 uses the powerful new class system from Ext JS 4. This gives us all of the benefits of dynamic loading, intelligent builds that only include the classes you use, mixins, configurations and all the other features of the new engine. We have a full guide to the new class system on the documentation site.

We’ve also brought across the improved application architecture from Ext JS 4, that includes ComponentQuery and production build support. All these features haven’t been at the expense of download size. We’ve been able to keep the total download payload roughly the same size, and that’s before build optimization."
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