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Desert Series
Off-Road Desert Racing Championships
Off-Road Desert Racing Championships

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2017 Baja 500 course map. The race course is set to cover 515 miles and will start and finish in Ensenada. This year marks the 49th anniversary of the Baja 500 race which will take place between May 31st and June 4th 2017.
A couple of sections of the race course that will be new to many racers.
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The Loreto400 desert-race is known as the Mission Course as it runs trails once used by monks between Loreto, San Javier, San José de Comondú and San Miguel.
Image credits Ruffo Racing - follow the link for more info on this #BajaSur #raceteam

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Loreto 400 initiated in the early ’80s with a race-course that has minimal changed over the years, going from Loreto, on the Sea of Cortez, up the Giganta Mountain Range all the way to the Pacific Ocean then back to Loreto racing a different route.

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Los Barriles 300 off-raod desert racing Feb 2016 Baja California Sur, Mexico in Eastcape area of peninsula

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#Baja500 - the 47th annual running of SCORE Baja 500 was held in Mexico’s Baja California Norte. Round 3 of the five-race 2015 SCORE Intl Desert Championship featured Pro and Sportsman classes for cars, trucks, UTVs, motorcycles and quads.
The 510.58-mile race started passed Saturday morning and finish in the heart of Ensenada, adjacent to the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center.
The overall win was clouded by a highly controversial video-documented driving incident of the juvenile Mexican pilot put in the trophy truck by the RPM team which resulted in the easy avoidable flip-over of a spectator vehicle on a public road. Find the video-documented incident here >>>>
As far as we understand there was no injury to the driver or other vehicle occupants. There was other, unfortunate race accidents yet of the none-avoidable type. Also there "only" injuries and racers remaining at the scene until situation clarified.

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2015 #Baja500 extremly STUPID move by later as winner declared Apdaly López +Trophy Truck SCORE - Trick Truck BitD teenager - while the driver of the "civialian" truck should not been there is racing at Baja Mexico done on public streets and therefore he was in titel to be there. Bad judment by the driver to "nerf" a regualr pick-up with his 1/2 million dollar racing "war machine" and push him out of way what resulted that guy rolling truck.
Instead rewarded with victory Lopez should been penalized a few positions to make a point for future incidents of that kind.... Very lame handling of situation by race organizer #SCOREIntl   - Hopeful the RPM race team - owner of the trophy truck - steps up and takes care of the person that had truck damaged
Not necessary the smartest move by Trophy Truck driver Apdaly López to push that vehicle out of way.....
Race is run on Mexican open public roads, through their neighborhoods and it is the responsibility of SCORE and the racers to make the right, safe decision despite the heat of competition.
There are just as many Mexican people that DO NOT like the Americans race series is held at Baja as there are fans....
In that light a move like that could publicly back-fire onto the sport in general..... the guy should have gone out of way yet he had all rights to be there.....
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2015 #Baja500 accident involving Robby Gordon in SpeedEnergy +Trophy Truck SCORE - Trick Truck BitD  and an +Baja Off-Road spectator.
Lucky for both it had a fairly reasonable outcome with spectator ending up with a broken leg. No fault on race driver in that case
#Baja500 Robby Gordon accident involving a spectator. This is a very, very lucky man ending up supposedly with a broken leg!
Editor here is not a RG fan but do have to pay due respect and tip hat for Robby Gorden to stop and check on spectators as well have his heli assist!

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¡Tragedia en el Off Road!; muere aficionado Nuevamente el Off Road de Baja California Sur se viste de luto con el fallecimiento del joven aficionado Mauri Zamora Collins, tras ser impactado por las llantas del vehículo conducido por el piloto de la Clase 7, Guillermo Valdés, durante el desarrollo de la carrera de pista denominada Los Paredones Desert Challenge, ayer por la tarde en Los Cabos.
Lo anterior fue confirmado por Pedro Velázquez Hernández, presidente de la Comisión Permanente de Off Road en Baja California Sur, señalando "nos sentimos muy tristes por esta lamentable situación que se vuelve a dar en nuestro deporte, con la muerte de un joven que se encontraba como aficionado y que además era corredor de cuatrimoto".
Destacó "la imprudencia de este grupo de jóvenes terminó en un accidente, con el fallecimiento de Mauri, en varias ocasiones la barredora los retiró de la rampa por encontrarse en un lugar muy peligroso y se volvían a colocar sabiendo el riesgo que corrían".
La competencia correspondía a la séptima fecha y cierre del Campeonato Estatal Oficial de Off Road de Baja California, estableciéndose que el lamentable accidente ocurrió cerca de las 2:30 de la tarde, en la última vuelta de la Clase 7 y 8, que definiría los primeros lugares.
Suscitándose el accidente en el que perdió la vida el joven Mauri Zamora Collins, luego de ser impactado por las llantas del vehículo Clase 7 en una de las rampas en la pista del arroyo Salto Seco, lesionando levemente a otro joven que se encontraba imprudentemente en el sitio.
El lamentable suceso obligó a Protección Civil Municipal a suspenderse esta competición, quedando inconclusas las Clases 7 y 8, así como la celebración de la carrera en la Clase 2 en la que tomarían parte 7 competidores y en la Clase Super Libre en la que competirían 8 corredores.
Velázquez Hernández externó que inmediatamente tuvieron comunicación con los representantes de la aseguradora Zurich, para velar por la situación jurídica del piloto Guillermo Valdés.
Para concluir comentó que durante la semana se reunirá la Comisión con los Clubes que integran la Asociación de Pilotos para definir lo correspondiente con las categorías que no se pudieron correr y que definirán a los ganadores de los primeros lugares en cada Clase.
Credits: Javier P. García
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