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Sonia Hodgin
Our goal is to reach your investments potential by trading it and watching the effect as you up your basis.
Our goal is to reach your investments potential by trading it and watching the effect as you up your basis.

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Investing is for the advance and Experts, Wrong. Let me start by saying that there is a reason why banks are so keen on taking back your investment property. Learn how you can change your dead asset to a return on investment asset. Take advantage of education on financial investments and why the rich become rich on real estate. Stop turning your properties back because you think you are upside down. We don’t get paid real estate fees so, therefore, we teach you how to up your basis with your investment not get rid of it to charge a %. What real estate professionals, Lawyers and even CPA’s aren’t taught. There are 300 ways to buy, sell and trade real estate so you can formulate your dead asset that is a liability to a passive income asset. You have leverage so learn about it and use it.

#Creating Wealth through Notes

#Trading National and International

#Deferring Taxation with Investments

#Asset vs Liability

#Debt VS Free and Clear

#Ordinary Income VS Income

#Seller Financing Vs Purchase

#Seller Financing Wrap VS Selling Straight Out

#Expenses VS Liabilities

#OPM VS Bank Loans

#Investment Trust, LLC’s Or S-Corps Vs Personal Ownership

#Why The Rich hang out with Financial Smart People Vs The employed

#Like for Like Trade VS Corporation for Corporation Trade (A True 1031)

#Self Employed VS Employee 520-250-9695


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Excellent information to know and avoid scams. Click on the link that will describe more in details. I appreciate the mentality of less online especially unsecured purchases and to buy local. #Hodgin & Co. Sonia Hodgin #SoniaHodgin #fraud #scams

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When you know your product, your consumers needs and wants, how you can maximize your potential and clients will to choose you. This here is a perfect example of why people that have imagination and visualizes a life time experience with you. These folks placed value, money and their time with energy to bring out the best. How often can people say that about your business or services you offer? #soniahodgin #hodgin&co #entrepreneurs #community #investment #businesswomen

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Excellent. Keep it simple! But you can only do that if you know your business or products you're trying to convey.

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Pondering questions that leave an impression with a smile.... "Can a hearse with a corpse drive in the carpool lane?" -+Sonia Hodgin +Hodgin & Co.

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Updates, it's been about a year now. Press release attached on the latest.

State of Arizona Attorney General v. Hodgin & Co., LLC et al, Pima County Superior Court Cause No. C20160870

In response to repeated questions and concerns about the above- referenced civil case against Hodgin & Co., LLC and me, please allow this blog entry to clarify the true nature of the pending case and highlight some inaccurate statements issued by the Arizona Attorney General (the “AG”) in their February 26, 2016 press release.

The case is a civil matter. It is a common misconception that if the Attorney General is involved as the named plaintiff in a case that the case must be criminal in nature. Although this case was filed by the Attorney General for the State of Arizona, it is a civil matter filed by the AG on behalf of consumers and is not a criminal matter. The Arizona Consumer Fraud Act gives the AG authority to bring civil causes of action alleging consumer fraud on behalf of Arizona consumers. Claims under the Consumer Fraud Act are also available to private plaintiffs at their own cost. Even though the claims against Hodgin & Co., LLC are being brought by the State of Arizona, the pending Consumer Fraud Claims are not criminal in nature. No crimes have been alleged and no criminal penalties of any kind are available in this case. The AG is seeking money damages only. However, the factual allegations and causation must first be proven by competent and persuasive evidence at trial.page1image13536
The Statements in the AG’s Press Release Are Not Proven Facts. The AG’s press release dated February 26, 2016 (See the highlighted portions above) contains a number of statements that purport to be facts but are actually conclusory allegations based on generalities. These allegations that have been denied in full in the Answer filed in the Superior Court on behalf of all Defendants. The actual facts and their legal significance (if any) will be determined at trial. In the meantime, I have taken steps through the appropriate legal channels to address what I consider to be defamatory statements made by the AG in their press release.

Business as Usual. I have retained an attorney who is handling the defense of this case on behalf of me and the entities that have been named as Defendants. The case is currently in the discovery phase where both the AG and the Defendants are seeking to ascertain the documents and witnesses that might support the claims and defenses made by all parties. I look forward to my day in court and toward a favorable disposition of this case at trial, if not sooner.

In the meantime, I am still available to interested and qualified parties to conduct formulaic strategies that help build and grow new and existing assets in a tax efficient way.

Hodgin & Co., LLC and its members and affiliates do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction..

If you have questions about this case and about the opportunities available at Hodgin Co., LLC, please do not hesitate to call or send an e- mail.

Sonia Hodgin 520-250-9652

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