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Tomaich Oral Surgery
Tomaich Oral Surgery | Dental, Oral & Maxillofacial Health
Tomaich Oral Surgery | Dental, Oral & Maxillofacial Health

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Here at Tomaich Oral Surgery, HURT is not in our dictionary. We are all about COMFORT.

To better prepare for an appointment, it helps to read up on the procedure. Ask your dentist about it too.

One important step to recuperating from a traumatic injury is reconstruction. Let us help you move on from the experience.

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Set aside a friendly appointment for your kids! This will help them feel more comfortable with the dentist on future visits.

Looking for an oral surgeon? Sacramento’s Tomaich Oral Surgery is your top choice! Experienced and trained doctors are ready to assist.

Sometimes certifications are not enough. Building rapport with your dentist will help you ease tension.

Do not tolerate toothache and other discomforts! Head to your dentist when experiencing intermittent pain; that’s the best way to prevent further damage.

Need a dental implant? You will find comfort in place of your missing teeth with Tomaich Oral Surgery’s expertise!

Scared of wisdom teeth extraction? You don’t have to be, since Tomaich Oral Surgery is known for their painless procedures.
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