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So this happened. And kept happening. And we have no clean clothes. And our brand new Maytag washer still doesn't work. And Whirlpool customer service is still horrible. Stay tuned.

My husband is trying to get us tickets to a fall taping of Prairie Home Companion, and weekend away in Minneapolis. Check item off life list as birthday gift, priceless. I have the best husband ever! He is a nerdy gal's dream come true;)

I don't like storms. Especially ones with tornadoes. Just putting that out there. 

G+ you are time sucking my life right now. I am supposed to be doing shit. Instead I am looking at awesome people online and adding them to my fun circles. Stop. It. Or is it that I know my tech vacation is imminent and I'm squeezing as much in as I can right now? Argh. Cannot control myself.
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