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Amit Hiremath
A freedom fighter by passion and a prisoner by profession! :)
A freedom fighter by passion and a prisoner by profession! :)


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So finally a blog on my food trip to #Indore. The street food is amazingly tasty though I have discovered some gems in this trip. Read on and salivate!!! :) #Food #Indore  #StreetFood  

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Indore Food Trip: When in Indore, eat like an Indori!
Three years ago, I made an
announcement on my social media platforms regarding a road trip to North India.
An important pit stop was Indore in Madhya Pradesh, the very reason being food
offered by the city. I specifically mentioned about ‘Garadu’ (a type of...

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A blog after more than a year! Have put a lot of heart (and research) in writing this blog over the variety of Kashmiri Breads. Kashmiri Breads have a distinct place in the baking space but very much in the walled garden of Kashmir and Kashmiris. A gentle effort to open the floodgates of tasty and fresh breads of Kashmir. This I would recommend as your preferred weekend reading. #Kashmir #KashmiriBreads #Food #Breads

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Baking and Breaking The World of Kashmiri Breads
Bread is such an important aspect
of survival for a human. After water, if anything a human being craves for, is
nothing but bread. Over thousand years of evolution of homo sapiens and a
subsequent development of new cultures on this planet, the bread has t...

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My thoughts over evolution of culture of eating out in Thali Restaurant and why Gujarati cuisine is the preferred one. A blog I wrote almost after a year!

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Cultural Evolution an Indian Veg Thali
Thali is probably  a
quintessential offering of an Indian kitchen to the world though it may not be
as famous as butter chicken, daal and naan in the West. (I heard that these
have given bad name to India’s mouth watering array of cuisine). Thali

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Food Culture of Jammu : Introspection of My experience
Often, Jammu is discussed in
context with pilgrimage to Vaishno Devi or a gateway to Kashmir. People don’t
‘travel’ to Jammu but it is like a pit stop. Thus, little is known about the
main attractions of this city, forget about the food. Since I have the
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