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Peter Plourde
Helping train dogs and their humans since 2001!
Helping train dogs and their humans since 2001!

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What are you looking for when you choose a dog trainer? There are many choices available when you need help with your dog. From compulsion training to treat training the options are dizzying. The most important decision you can make about hiring a trainer to help you should be based on your personal connection and whether or not you trust that the person you select will be in alignment with your personal goals. In addition, the person should first ''do no harm''. No tough physical tactics or painful equipment. You also need to be sure the person you choose can identify why your dog is behaving the way it is. Why is your dog doing what it is doing? Call me, I and can help you understand the whys of your dogs behavior choices and together we can develop a plan to address the choices your dog is making. Make it a great day with your dog! Pete 720-448-3689

I've received many questions about the dogs on my Google + page. The answer is: the one in front is a Tamaskan and the one behind is a Siberian Husky. So what is a Tamaskan? Depending upon the source you follow, most places will list the Tamaskan as a combination of Siberian Husky, Malamute, German Shepard and some site stating either Northern Inuit or other "wolf dog/ sled dog" variants.

My dogs love the snow we are getting today! #snowdogs  

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A day at the park. Bandit, Pete, and Jessie.
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