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Here are the Buggy Night and Windy Day wallpapers some folks were asking for.
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One look at him and all you can think of is "funny" !! I love him!!

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thats how you do it!!!

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WOW..this was unexpected!!!
Full details on the new Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System. Please +1 or share for more moto x leaks.

“A mobile computing system powers the new Motorola devices, as opposed to a standard application processor chip found in every smartphone. This involves eight tightly integrated processors, special algorithms, and sensors. No one except Motorola could create this system. The result is a consumer experience like no other. Below is what it entails and see the next section for what it enables:

• Four powerful graphics processors each running at 400 MHz delivering 3.2 million pixel fill rate,16 shader units, 512kb dedicated cached memory and running the Egypt performance benchmark at a blazing 155 frames per second (FPS). Fully compliant with Android Project Butter. 
• Two ultra fast application processors each running at 1.7 GHz, 28nm low-­power technology, high‐speed dual-­channel DDR RAM running at 533 MHz.
• One local natural language processor (L‐NLP). Motorola proprietary low‐power specialized processor with audio sensors, noise estimators, noise cancellation, and speech recognition technology to enable always-on voice based user interaction without sacrificing battery life.
• One contextual computing processor (CCP). Motorola proprietary low-power specialized processor that computes contextual data from sensors enabling intelligent mobile computing and always-on display mode.

Our main chipset has two CPUs and quad GPUs. We have added two additional low­‐power processors (Contextual Processor, Natural Language Processor) in our system design. So we are not saying we have an octa-­core chip, but we have an octa-­core Mobile Computing System. Silicon vendors only like to talk about dual versus quad core main CPUs because that is how they are priced. We have to brand and market our system as opposed to a chip.

Our approach is completely different. We have built a custom system around the application processor. For example, the new Motorola devices do not use the battery hungry application processor to do always on audio or display. We have custom designed our system to deliver great experiences without killing the battery. We have built the first true mobile computing system.”

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I have been following this guy on Youtube (+Mike Levin ) and his idea of a tiny (~15 MB) virtual Linux server that runs from USB or Dropbox. No installation required. I think some of you should take a look at this. 
I can't find anything like it TBH.

Website :

Here are all the other videos about Levinux:
1. First Demo of Levinux, a Tiny Virtual Linux For Macs, PCs &

2. Introduction to Levinux, A Tiny Virtual Linux Server

3. How Dropbox and Levinux provide a nomadic virtual developer environment

4. Learn to Program Python Hello World on Levinux

5. Git Tutorial, Learn Distributed Version Control Systems on Tiny Linux Server

6. Walk Through of Levinux, a small virtual Linux distribution for Education

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Unique waterfall restaurant in the Philippines

#waterfall   #restaurant   #phillipines  

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This actress plays #talisa  in the TV version of #gameofthrones   ..her name is Oona Chaplin. Yes she is the granddaughter of #charliechaplin   . How awesome is that? The correct answer is "Hella Awesome"


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Wow!!! :)

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