An experiment. We want to assemble a review in a certain area of science (organic chemistry - the Pictet-Spengler reaction, which is a beauty). Started writing this with my students. But it's open. We'd like others to come along and contribute.

Significant contributions will result in authorship. That is the incentive.

Once it's finished and (crucially) good, we will submit for peer-reviewed open access publication to generate a citable article. Intending to submit by the end of February.

If you're an organic chemist please join us. If you have an organic chemist in your life, pass this invitation along.

During the process, I will be thinking about how we can quantify effort, contribution and prestige. The main aim is to produce a good review, but how we do that is also interesting (authorship quanta and currency of review/gratitude).

The obvious question is: Why not do this on Wikipedia? One answer, sadly, is connotation. Organic chemistry is poorly represented on Wikipedia, though I hope that changes. The other answer is that I want to be editor of this article without justifying it against deletion for being too technical/specialized. But naturally after the article is submitted, it would seem sensible to port the content to Wikipedia.
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