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Paint is done. The new body shell for my Traxxas E-Revo is almost done. But this is not the end of it oh no. First of all I have to give a big thank you to +HemiStorm RC - Custom RC builds, painting videos and more​ for the tutorials and the wide range of examples. I also have to thank you +RCSparks Studio for the inspiration on having fun with RCs. Last but the most important thank you to my father and brother for the help.

The result is definitely not the best, that's only my first body shell. I made a lot of mistakes but this shell will see road scars pretty soon, so that's not too bad. This is not going to be a shelf body.

There is something unique however: the light system. It's fully custom made and uses an Arduino​ to animate. The program loaded in the short demonstration video is just a show demo, the idea is to activate the stops when I brake and the white light will turn on when the reverse is inserted. The trick is to use two RGB LED (the three base colors can be independently driven). The green lights on top will do something :P .
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Dear Red Hat Directory Server,

it was a tough battle. You used the worst and most useless perl scripts ever made by mankind, but the Kolab python-fu in the end won.

See you when moving to CentOS 8.

With love

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With RC, Everyone can be a Winner!

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Fully agree
I must, sadly, withdraw my endorsement of yubikey 4 devices (and perhaps all newer yubikeys), as apparently Yubico has replaced all open-source components that made yubikey NEOs so awesome with proprietary closed-source code in Yubikey 4s:

Our team will be evaluating NitroKey Pros as devices to replace yubikeys ( and I will follow up here with the results and general recommendations once our testing is complete.

If you are already using yubikeys, there is no need to replace them, as this will not result in a net improvement in security -- especially if you are only using them for one-time password functionality (press the button to emit a 6-digit code). If you are looking to get a device for storing your private PGP keys, I recommend against using Yubikey 4 devices -- but NEOs are okay, as they still use open-source code.

I strongly believe that all security devices must be powered by libre software and I am saddened at the steps taken by Yubico to make yubikey 4 a black-box platform.

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If you never heard about zstandard compression tool, well give it a try. I used them for the first time today to the point I included it in the backup script of my laptop replacing pigz

Today I had to investigate an issue on +Microsoft #Windows Server 2012 R2. [Just as a reminder: I use +Linux since 2001 and am a professional System Administrator and Engineer with more than 5 years of experience].

It was one of the worst day in my life.

Linux is very far away from being perfect, but sometimes stuff even makes sense, and is usually consistent (turn it off and on again doesn't solve it). Windows is a horrible clusterfuck from any point of view. The only reason why people use it is that 1) it come pre-installed on the computer you buy, 2) at the end of the day it's cheap so it's not a big deal, 3) it born before Linux so it was more widespread, to the point of being more than pandemic and people is lazy to change. 4) you reinstall it every now and then (also wasting a lot of your time and limiting what you can actually do with a computer), and it should work for a while.

But seriously how can Microsoft still have a server business? How in the world companies are relying on it? Let's talk about the Windows Internal Database service (WID for short) for a moment. On our server it eats more than 300 GB of ram and makes the machine unusable. Fair enough shit happens, so bugs do. First of all such a thing is know on the internet with at least 3 different names. Second googling for some information on it rarely brings you to the Microsoft website, which tells you a lot about how much their documentation is useful (when you can find it). The majority of the results will tell you a way to limit the memory the process can use, which is unlimited by default. Ok let's try it. Process stops working. Stop it, try to start it again... doesn't start anymore. Unfortunately the setting seems to be stored in the DB itself, if it doesn't start you cannot roll it back. Google for some help: uninstall it, wipe it, reinstall it. WTF?

No really Microsoft, can you tell me what you were thinking when you approved such a design in your OS? No seriously I need to know. Either I will have one of the biggest laugh in my life, or I will acknowledge it was the right thing to do and will deal with it.

So ok let's uninstall it, so I can wipe it (apparently you can't just stop it and wipe it for whatever reason). Ok done. Reinstall it, restart and... wait... where is the Remote Desktop Broker? Well the entire Windows Terminal Service is gone, it's been uninstalled. Not a single warning, let alone ask for confirmation before removing. Linux (and not Linux only) sorted out this shit in the '90s dear Microsoft. It's called package manager and most of them are done better than whatever is used in Windows to handle dependencies.

So please Microsoft quit your server business, stop making the life of people like me that have to deal with your stuff, miserable. You clearly cannot design software. Focus on games, you did some pretty awesome one in the past, but no more Operating System, please. Thank you.

Yes this is a rage post if you didn't notice. I need a way of let of the stress and not get out crazy from this shitty day ;)

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I hope that, with Microsoft joining +The Linux Foundation, we will not start seeing screens like this after a Linux update. This is literally taking hours for about 20-30 updates! #microsoft #silly

Also this is a joke, don't take it too seriously. However the time required to do an update on Microsoft Windows is really annoying and way too long for being reasonable.

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Well crap ;)
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