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72 Hours and 49 minutes
Below freeezing. Not a record. 2011 (or SuperBowl Winter as the locals call it) was 101 hours. Still not a record - that was December 1983 at 295 hours (12 days 7 hours) below freezing. Looking a bit like an ice monster after my bird feeder... The trees are...

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24 Hours In
Snow? What? No snow.... Just lots of sleet and freezing rain bending over the trees even the little trees big trees without leaves seem o.k. this Mutabilis rose bush looks a bit cold Hurry, quick... Mom's got the camera on me now. Weatherman says we will se...

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It was an other dreary warm (70's) day on Thursday when I went to the
dentist. My chair at the dentist's office gave me the best view of a
beautiful red oak in all its crimson glory.  Sitting there I thought
about the winter storm "Boreas" (The Weather C...

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This post is for my mother-in-law, just in case she is watching. My sweetie and I have been on a mission to hang a glittery chandelier in the loft apartment.  The ultimate dichotomy of rough and polish ultimately matching the theme of our decor. Originally ...

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