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Nicole MacDonald
An Indy author who loves to create new worlds
An Indy author who loves to create new worlds


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Something gorgeous!
Quite a while back I was privileged to meet a local artist who'd gone out and created a children's book. And by created I mean written (all rhyming no less!) and designed an adorably quirky wee tale.   His unique style stuck in my mind and when I got an inv...

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iTunes – the ‘grown-up’ book store?
I listened to my very first podcast last
week. A fascinating interview by Joanna Penn, interviewing Liliana Hart about not going exclusive . I thoroughly enjoyed listening away to two top sellers
discussing the various pros and cons of it all, but one thing...

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Amazon Pay-Per-Page. The first month’s results are in!
The basics – in my opinion Is it worth having a novel in KDP Unlimited                                            Yes Would you put ALL your works in                                                           No Do you recommend KDP Unlimited for authors    ...

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Amazon returns – a thought to ponder
Any author who has e-books in Amazon will
have experienced it at least once. A returned e-book. I don’t have a major
gripe with this as I expect there will be those occasions someone hits the
wrong button (the one click buy is very simple after all) and buy...

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My dream café
I often write in cafes. My writing time
during the working week is an hour at lunchtime and whatever I can cram into my
evenings. When my lunch break comes along I trundle off to one of my regular
haunts with my laptop jammed under an arm (already on, prime...

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Wanting a new phone app addiction? Let me introduce you to Vocabulary
I’m always interested in learning new words, and quite enjoy reading the dictionary, but I’m really bad at remembering them. Frustrated with this, I had a hunt around for a tool that might help. I discovered Vocabulary.   Look up a word. Learn it forever. V...

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Pay by the page – exciting or scary?
As usual Amazon is tinkering away with
their creations. Currently KDP Select. Initially you got paid each time someone
picked out your book – whether or not they read/finished it. Now, from 1 July, your KDP earnings will be
based on how many pages a reader

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Amazon KDP Select – why make it exclusive?
I understand many authors curse Amazon’s
KDP select programme. I’m not one of them. But, I also don’t make a living off
my writing (yet! ;p) so for me, any sale is a good sale. When a book is ‘read’
by a reader that is part of the programme, I receive a sma...

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The simple pleasure that is Wattpad
I know I’ve spoken about Wattpad before,
but I’m going to again. Mainly because Wattpad is one of my favourite places.
If you’re looking for a community of readers and writers with little to gain
from it other than the genuine pleasure gained from reading a...

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How to make a million dollars
I hate these types of headings. They are in
the same category as ‘how to lose ten pounds in two days’ or ‘How to work for
just two hours a day but earn BIG!’. It all comes down to that age old adage,
‘if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is’. We’ve ...
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