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Show the world who and what you're passionate about
Show the world who and what you're passionate about

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I'm hosting a talk:

"How to start a startup without funding" given by +Phil Thomson

at Innovation Warehouse, London, on 25th March 2014.

In 2011 Tom Cook and Phil Thomson had ideas for a number of online businesses. They made the decision not to pursue funding for any of these projects. Rather they looked at how to bring their ideas to market based on an approach that needed very little, if any, money.

Since then, they have co-founded twelve online startups including a site that let's you correct mistakes you find on the Internet, a social network for insomniacs, and a site they launched just a few weeks ago,; the place to tell the world about the people, places, and things you are passionate about; because 'like' is not enough!

Startup Without Funding (SWF) is an insight into Tom and Phil’s experiences; their successes and failures in bringing businesses to life. How to locate, secure, and motivate the people you need. It offers a detailed overview of what needs to be done, as well as what to avoid, in order to get a business idea turned into reality (without any outside investment).

Tickets here:

More background information here:

More Than Talks website:
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