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Battlezone 98 Redux
I took time over the holiday to pick up Battlezone 98 Redux , a modern version of the 1998 classic that I loved back in my First Age of PC Gaming. It still holds up reasonably well, in part because the controls were well designed from the beginning. With a ...

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Nexus 7 (2013) cracked. Need sound replacement. Focus on size/weight, Nougat compat, screen, and price. Help?

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Cute Grinch made of Coca-Cola products at local BP station.

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Very useful blog on using the wonderful Microsoft Natural Pro Keyboard with Microsoft Windows 7. Works!

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Such a great way to pick up games and direct the money where you want it to go. Recommended.

Couple I know is considering moving to Nashvile, TN. They're young, in their early 30s, no kids. As I have no experience to relate regarding Nashville, I'll pass on any comments that folks here choose to share. Thanks.

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Friend shared this. Too funny not to pass on.

I promise I'm not a bot. Really.

Classes over, grades submitted. Relief.

Now for all that other stuff that needs doing... :(

Finally got my PS3 back from Wal-mart's service center. They returned the Blu-ray copy of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and apparently actually tried testing it as requested -- since the system works perfectly now.

Even better news, my data backup that I made before sending the system off initially copied over perfectly.

Ultimately, I wanted this system back so I could play Uncharted 3. Feels good to be playing again. The story characters and story are, as usual, great and I have enjoyed the adventuring. On the other hand, I was kind of annoyed that so much of it was in a couple of cities to begin with. That's let up now that Drake and Sullivan are exploring a ruin in France.

Good times.
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