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Victorian New Year's Eve Resolutions
Lenore and Archibald had enjoyed a busy day. They'd attended two balls and danced with exuberance every waltz and quadrille until they could dance no more. Cousin Myra and Aunt Minnie had finally departed after a month's visit and their little ones were tuc...

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Endless Days and Nights in Fat Alley
Days and Nights in Fat Alley Fat Alley was a notorious red light district in Galveston Texas. Photographs from that era rarely show the terrible plight of the women involved in that trade. This is one poor girl's story. Lottie was only ten when her ...

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Bathing Beauties
written by Rosa Morgan Temperatures are rising and it's time to take the plunge. Ah, but we must be vigilant in our modesty. Perhaps a gentle stroll at water's edge? Or dare we disrobe in the sanctity of the bathhouse. Emerging in our woolen finery to be go...

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written by Rosa Morgan At first
glance the purpose of a door knocker is simply to allow people outside a
house to alert those inside to their presence. Such as the delightful
moment the postman delivers a sweet missive from a friend.   If this were
the door...

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Victorian Christmas Traditions
written by Rosa Morgan Salutations Gentle Reader, There are so many jolly traditions ,which arise during Christmastide; let us examine a few. Wreaths were once worn by ancient Romans on their heads to denote victory or social status. The circular shape, wit...

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Magic: Trick or Treat?
written by Rosa Morgan Conjuring has been a part of mankind throughout history. Thieves used slight of hand to steal money, whilst cult leaders frightened their followers into obedience. However, it was Victorian ladies and gentlemen who were able to enjoy ...

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In Celebration of Labor Day
written by Rosa Morgan For most of us, Labor Day is simply a reminder that summer is over, or we use it as an excuse to go shopping. I think we should give pause to remember the workforce that makes this country's daily operations possible. It's also intrig...

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Men's Millinery
written by Rosa Morgan What a plethora of millinery to choose from!  Is it true women fainted at the first sight of a top hat? Men will always look dashing in one, whether it be of beaver fur or silk.  President Abraham Lincoln preferred the extra tall stov...

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Victorian Mothers Breastfeeding
written by Rosa Morgan Breastfeeding by the mid-1800s was not only encouraged by doctors as the healthiest method of feeding infants, but it was also a lauded symbol of motherhood and femininity. Thus as photography became more accessible to the population,...
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