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Brannon Hutchins
The Dungeon Master with attitude.
The Dungeon Master with attitude.

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I'm currently running a campaign that uses a Magic skill (p: 1 aspect, c: 1 refresh) based on bending from the Last Airbender (though fire mages can't make fire in this universe). I decided to also use the Red/Blue weapon/armor dice extra to give a little more flavor to physical combat.

One of my players is concerned that the addition of Red/Blue dice gives an unfair advantage to characters that rely on mundane weapons as opposed to magic. For example: should a giant boulder thrown by earth magic not cause more shifts of stress than a longsword?

My argument was that most magic had ways of getting around armor. Wearing heavy plate mail will do squat against an air mage sucking all the air away from their head.

What are your thoughts, Internet?

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Bothering everyone on yet another social network, here is the newest podcast you large sack of nerds will be sure to enjoy. I'm teaching my girlfriend how to play #dnd  in Significant Familiar! #podcast #5e #rpg

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Seems I never placed this here. Table Fiction is a go and the first story has begun. Next week: learn more about the Dtorv race in a fluff piece. Two weeks after that: Dtorv stats for Fate Core.

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If you haven't played the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game, then you are missing out. Check out a character I might actually play in a future game. He's rich. He casts spells. He's not even human! He's...THE SUIT!

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I hate waking up alone. How did I ever manage it before?

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I have a room mate lined up so now I just need $500 of free money and I can make it. I mean it. $500 and my daughter and I are home free. I'd even be able to pay it back eventually.

So here it is...

Marion (the wife) and I are separating. I cannot say it was entirely a mutual decision but rest assured the emotional parts are over with, if not momentarily paused. We are not going to seek a counselor; we are well beyond that point. If we wish to tell you why, it will be on a personal basis.

Marion will be moving in with friend due to the smaller cost of living. That way, she will be better able to financially care for Annabelle (our daughter). She doesn't want to move back to Oregon, at least not at this time. She has realized that she wants to pursue further career advancement at her work.

I haven't had a job since March. I left my position at Barnes and Noble in a somewhat shaky manner, but at the time it was financially smarter for me to be a Stay At Home Dad. The cost of driving back and forth to my parents for baby sitting during the times where we both worked was not balanced with the hours I was pulling. Now, I'm trapped in the same vicious circumstances that my father is in.

The job market is crap. We can all agree that the economy isn't helping that much. I'm thankful for those of you offering what help you can in that regard, but I must admit to a certain amount of pessimism for the immediate future.

Another thing is that since Marion is done spending money on a household that is a lie and is moving, we don't have the money to continue the use of the current apartment. I might have some help there as well, to which I could never be thankful enough for, but with the current lack of a job and a current lack of roommate/s to divide the bills, it would only be postponing the inevitable.

As far as Annabelle is concerned, she'll be staying with Marion for the time being, at least officially. With Marion's work schedule, either I or my parents or a third party (in that order) will care for Annabelle as needed while she is busy keeping things in working order at her job. Whenever I get my feet fully on the ground, and I mean fully, we have agreed that I am to be Annabelle's primary care taker.

So, in summary, I have a lack of job, finances, rent, and my wife is leaving me. In the absolute worst case scenario, I have a place to stay with my parents. I REALLY don't want it to come to that. I moved out once and I mean for that to be the only time. But the important thing is that Annabelle will always have someone there to care for her.
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