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Google's computers are behaving in unexpected ways, understanding things they were not programmed to understand; More, they are understanding things for which Google wouldn't even know how to program them.

This is not a first, really.  IBM's Watson affected similar head scratching among engineers.

Alex Trebek:  "A tiresome lecture, delivered by a frothy pie topping"  
Watson: "What is a Meringue Harangue?"

How did Watson know that?  Don't ask IBM, they have no idea.

What I didn't expect is for Google to so openly talk about how this will lead to expert systems, reducing their demand for domain experts made out of meat.  Google pays a lot of money for the best and brightest, but if that turns out to be their own systems, then so be it.  The #RaceAgainstTheMachine  is heating up for PhDs as much as it is for more traditional knowledge workers like travel agents.

I'm not scared by the sensational title, and neither should anyone else be; If we insisted on understanding how our AI's arrived at their conclusions, we would have no hope of ever making anything very useful, much less something smarter than ourselves.
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Tip of the Week: Tag ALL your marketing campaigns
Posted by +Daniel Waisberg 

When you analyze your data, it is fundamental to have accurate information about your marketing campaigns (display, search, social and others). In order to do that we warmly recommend you to tag your links properly for each campaign so that Google Analytics knows for sure where your visitors are coming from.

Here are a few resources to help you:
0. Best Practices (see example on screenshot below) :
1. The official URL Builder:
2. URL Builder Chrome Extension:
3. Bulk Campaign URL Builder (by +LunaMetrics):
4. Bulk Campaign URL Builder for Google Spreadsheets (by +Cardinal Pat):
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