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I have decided to part ways with a number of Warhammer books out of general necessity. I wanted to potentially sell them as a group, but am not sure what to ask. They are the 1st ed. Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, Rogue Trader, Warhammer 40k compendium and compilation, Waaaagh! da Orks, and the Realm of Chaos books - Slaves to Darkness and Lost and the Damned. They have been used in play, all are solidly bound (Slaves to Darkness and Lost and the Damned have cracks at the top of the spines, Lost in the Damned's in better shape than the former, and Waaagh is not bound, the compendium has been well read).

Has anyone heard the status of an adventure that was mentioned during the What's New seminar from last Gen Con, that was to be written based on a piece of Erol Otus art?

Are there any plans for tools to create new alien species/ bizarre life-forms etc. for the game?

After a query to +Fabian Khalil, I am curious. What cool hacks of Into the Odd are being planned/in the pipeline? I enjoy +Ben Milton's Maze Rats, and was curious as to what else could be out there in the near future...

+Christopher Mennell sorry if I bugged you about Bag of Astronauts. I realize how deeply you've been in the weeds for Black Friday this weekend. Take care, and hope you have days off soon!

What is the name of the game I heard about a while back that (if I recall) featured a massive, fantastic city and a setting based on the culture of Islamic Spain among others?

Many on G+ are most likely aware of this, but some of the best (and handiest) references to the armed forces of WW2 are from Osprey Publishing. Their titles cover everything from armies to battles, as well as vehicles and equipment. They have also focused on some obscure topics (The Brazilian Expeditionary Force, and Axis Forces in Yugoslavia, for example). One can view the wide variety of titles on their website or amazon.

Anyone working on any projects involving interplanar/dimensional travel? I was showing an AP Physics class a DVD on string theory which sparked my curiosity...

+David McGrogan what other projects can we look forward to from you in the future? Yoon Suin was very well done.
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