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Is there any way to save all songs "offline" ?

Cheers guys,

I just bought my little sister a Moto X Play and coming from a BlackBerry 10 device I'd like setup parental controls like on her old BB (she can browse the AppStore but cannot install anything without my permission). I know on Android 4.4 i was able to choose which App a user is allowed to use. But i can't find it anymore on Android 5.1.

So do you guys have any further information ?


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Bin gespannt wann es IBM gelingt die Quantencomputer zu produzieren. Fortschritte scheinen die Jungs und Mädels reichlich zu machen. #IBM

Hello guys,

I have a serious question:

I wrote a tool for the Moto X XT-1902 (Europen Moto X 2014) that flashes the factory image via one click solution.

I think this tool could help some folks out.

But the question is:
Am I actually allowed to share the factory image of the Moto X ?

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My Moto X and the sad story

The screen of my 3 weeks old Moto X 2014 just cracked. I've never dropped the phone and if u look closely to the screen, you'll notice that the crack is really unusual. However I've contacted Motorola support and after discussing for days that I did nothing with the device and after claiming for my warranty they've decided to replace my phone.

Now it is crazy because they said they probably need about 5-6(!!!!!) weeks to replace it. I said to the support guy I don't own a second device and asked him if they could send me the new one while I keep my old one so I won't be without a phone. He said this is impossible. I told to him that I don't own any other device and he wrote this "couple of weeks is nice without a phone".

That's really racy don't understand why they need that long to replace a device. 
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Could anyone of you ivite me to inbox? :)

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Got my Moto X 2014. Battery life is really bad :/.

Any suggestions to "boost" it? 
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Hello folks,

I´m looking for a new Android Smartphone. Can you suggest me something ? Whats important to me ? Good battery life, fluid UI, and recent update coverage.

Thanks for your help

EDIT: And it souldn´t be too large

Thats crazy. It took me longer to transfer a 3GB file to my Smartphone via USB 2.0 than to download it from the Web. 


but at least I´m ready to test Windows 10 technical preview :-D
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