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Develop Your Energy
Qigong training and exercises. Building Chi for inner power.
Qigong training and exercises. Building Chi for inner power.
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We have a ton of new video to supplement our Qigong 101 course.

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We just sent out the following email to our subscribers.

The start of the new year typically places us in a state of reflection of the past year and determination for the year ahead of us. 

Some of our determinations this year to broaden healing energy and self actualization to the world through our course materials are:

More instructive video teaching from Sifu Dan Ferrera
FAQ Section on 
Question & Answer Section on
More engaged social community on Google+ and Facebook - we need to be more engaged in the dialogue
Before we post these new sections onsite we wanted to address the most frequently asked questions.

Do your courses come with DVDs or printed material that are mailed?

No. All our courses are PDF downloads in ZIP format you need to save to your computer, uncompress and view or print out yourself. Some of our courses have password protected streaming video through the internet. Generally these courses and downloads work best on desktop computers. We understand more of our community is using mobile devices and tablets and we are exploring our options to make the content available via those devices.

Do you sell Baoding Balls or Tai Chi Rulers?

No. Our courses are instruction on how to use these tools. 

Your can find the magnetic balls described in Sifu Dan Ferrera's teachings at Super Magnet Man.
The Copper Balls can be purchased at Great South Gems.
Tai Chi Rulers can be purchased at WLE Products.
Happy New Year to you all. 

In honor and support of everyone's determination we are offering a 25% discount now until FULL Moon on February 14th. If you have purchased a course in the past year we are also offering a 50% discount on our courses to support your determinations and thanks for your commitment. If you are a returning customer email with your purchase order and he will email you back a coupon code.

The web page is here -

Blessings to you all. Stay grounded.

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Make sure to watch part 2. Saw this on TV on Sunday Morning. The white light around us.

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Look for more to come from us. Adding a new series about the Inner Smile.

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has anyone here had any experience/insight into Jovian Archive? Just heard about it. Looks a bit complicated but fascinating.

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