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My life this week: When you think you trust God, but then you show you really don't fully trust Him. Yep...I was feeling that today. My pain has been my constant companion for 10 years. My trust in God about my pain hasn't waned at all. But then last week I...

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The very short, terribly hard walk to paradise
Imagine for a moment that you are a mile away from Paradise:  No more pain, no more suffering, and pleasures forever more! But you have no way to get there except walking barefoot on sharp, jagged rocks.  "It's only a mile," you tell yourself! "I can deal w...

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Don't let anxiety or fear consume you
One of the strangest struggles I have dealt with on this pain journey has been fear and anxiety. It's not because I don't think I should have to deal with them, but because God allows them to draw me to Him. Yes! Anxiety and fear are great gifts! You see, w...

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Hunger For God
I came across these verses as I was reading a few days ago and they completely stopped me in my tracks! Yes I have read them before but this time- WOW - I got so much from them and I hope in a few minutes, you too will be blessed by them. We read in Deutero...

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Our Treasure
Our health cannot be our treasure! If our hope is in getting better
or getting over this we need to change our focus. The Lord needs to be
our treasure! When we are going through pain of any kind our
first inclination is to pray, "Lord get me out of this...

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I Don't have time for this pain!
Before you get frustrated that your pain has interrupted your life, remember, God has a purpose: IN your pain THROUGH your pain In John 11 we hear the story of a much needed response from Jesus.   BUT, He delayed because His purpose was much bigger than His...

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Suffering without murmuring
Nothing, I repeat, Nothing  magnifies the excellency of the might and mercy of God  like suffering for Him  without murmuring against Him. I know, it's so easy to do... But it doesn't make it right. God has allowed this suffering in your life today.  What w...

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The best thing to happen to you!
The best thing to happen to you...Hmm  I bet you are thinking I am going to say: a new job a great spouse obedient kids ideal vacation money in the bank  but, no, none of these are what I want to talk about today.  The best thing to happen to you is a trial...

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Stand Firm in your faith
One of satan's most tempting seductive lies: YOU ARE ALONE IN YOUR SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE somehow everyone else's life is easy and you are the only one with this issue. He wants you to question "where is God in my life?!" "Doesn't he care?" Peter gives us an a...

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Good reminder
I'm sure you, like the rest of us, have put up a few Fall items in your
house, even if it is hard. There's something about Fall that makes me
want to curl up in my favorite chair with my comfy blanket and a great
book! Today, though, as I was loung...
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