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Longhorn Solar - Austin

742 systems
$835425 saved
thru 6/30/14
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Homeowners have been benefiting from #solarenergy for years, but now it seems more and more businesses are also jumping at the chance to reduce their carbon foot print.
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So far, they've completed a small parking lot on land at the Idaho home.  But, they're also getting lots of support on the website Indiegogo.  They've surpassed their one-million dollar startup goal by more than 800,000 dollars.
So, futuristic pipe dream? Or doable high-tech mega-project?  Time, and financing, will tell.
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Looking for a career in the field of solar energy?
If so, there’s no greater place to be than a family owned and operated solar installation company that has over 260 installs and is growing by the day.
At Longhorn Solar we welcome new employees who possess the passion for energy efficiency and the determination to work in a quickly expanding industry.
The team at Longhorn Solar is consisted of knowledgeable individuals who not only maintain a strong work ethic, but are well versed in the trade of superior customer service.
We have a wide range of employment opportunities available here at Longhorn Solar, so please give us a call if you’re interested in learning about the positions we’re currently hiring for.
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530 installs
3336 kw installed
5,369,547 kwh produced
$563,802 $ saved
Thru 1/31/14
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3195 kw installed
5,049,107 Kwh produced
$530,156 dollars saved
513 installs
as of 12/31/13
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2013 was a big year for California when it comes to progress in #solarenergy. Find out how!
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