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Alex and Eyal released that King Libbey was possessed with a multicorn (a bad guy) so they demoted her from the throne....since she is possess don't listen to anything she says, it is just the multicorn talking...We are currently working to unpossess her

It turned out that Alex and Eyals pee was acidic. (that is why libbey looks so strange)

+Libbey Castleman asked a great question "Hey wat were the names of the original tribes +Eyal Cohen " New tribes are being created everyday, but the ones we have now are now are, PFU, Ninja, Rainbow, Movie, Coconut, Grass, Water, Fire, and many more. You guys can ask me questions also, we both are moderators of the community. 

So now they only trust eyal and alex...that is why u need us to grant u one...

ok, we have 20 peeps in this community yet no one posts anything! 

ignoring eric tang and vinays post here is the next part of the story: Soon the uni-corn fad became popular. Many multi-corns started to eat 1 piece of corn. After a while there were to may uni-corns in uni-corn land! So some uni-corns migrated, then they met Eyal and Alex. Eyal and alex became friends with them, and alex became best friends with Hippo (a unicorn). Eyal became best friends with Buttercup. But there are still many unicorns left so Eyal and Alex can grant u a uni-corn that will be ur friend...(someone else continue)

Then he farted. i mean a big fart!!!!!!!!!!!!! This blasted him out of the water and on to land. (this is also how fish got on 2 land 600 million years ago) Over time his ancestors started to look more and more like unicorns.......... (someone else continue)  
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