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Upupupand away
Hey!Check out my blog!:)
Hey!Check out my blog!:)

Hello I just joined ^^ <3 let's love rm together

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K.Will - Only Person (하나뿐인 사람) FMV (Pinocchio OST…:

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When I 😶 into ur 👀, my💓, When I 😶 into ur 👀, my 🌎 🆘, Just like ❄⛄➡ n 🌺🌸🌷 comes, I believe u will 👉😊 My only 1⃣ 🚶, My 💰 🚺 who is like a ⛅☁⛅💤, My 1⃣ 🚺 who blooms like a 🌺, Just looking at u makes me😢
When I ✒ a 📜,I can only 📝 ur name, Just like ❄⛄➡ n 🌺🌸🌷 comes, I believe u will 👉😊
My only 1⃣ 🚶, My 💰 🚺 who is like a ⛅☁⛅💤, My 1⃣ 🚺 who blooms like a 🌺, Just looking at u makes me😢...
It might 😥💥 n be 😖hard, I will 👌 promise to protect u. I only have u..., I will be 👌 if I have u, My 1⃣ only person in my 🎦life,
Just 👀 at u makes me 😥

I expressed the lyrics with emojis.this is k.will 's 'only person':) hope u like it^_^

yay!thx for accepting me:)

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The night watchman ep 24 recap
okay.i have to apologise,no dumb com is mad. So,we close in to the ep 23 end ,duh.we see doha hanging there,with night watchman team in weird outfits. what is that material?!?turtle skin?what about the yellow stuff?feels like shaman stuff. We see ...

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A definite thanks to 100 viewers on TNWM post recap!
WOW! seriously!THX SO MUCH 4 all the viewership!So,i decided i blog ep 23! Hope yah all enjoy it!:)

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I m just kinda curious...
Cupcakes or cookies?
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ARGH!!! ARGH!!~!! ARGH!~!~~!~~!!
Ok,so im gonna share a short little review on ep 18~hope yah all enjoy n keep watching tnwm!haha~im hoping for more members!:) but that's okay,at least there's one:)im weird!

So,(HUGE SPOILER ALERT!!!) We have our Rin n Moo Suk to find out the 2 Do-Ha-s,who real?who's fake?Hmmmm....
i could easily make a few obvious and maybe not so ones.
1.The make-up.look at fake doha,make-up pinky,cheery and stuff
2.Ribbon in hair, fake pink(if im not wrong!) blue is real:)
3.The seducing,the real doha will NEVER flirt with moo Suk right?I mean she kissed da Rin,how can she b 2-timing?!?!

So,the big juicy stuff is that 1.Fake doha goes hurting sang hyeon(dont worry,just a small cut,JK!at least nothing bad happen or i will scream)
2.evil weird dolly(sadam made Yeon ha go into some weird woman that i think is rich or blahblah)turned REALLY EVIL!!!who the hell grows super long claws and goes around strangling or killing ppl?eh?And has eyes that should be able to kill someone with that glow*shudders
3.our evil doha is killed MUAHHAHAHH!!!
4. OTP scene,cute rin n doha scene,adorable~ ^_^ who can resist rin?or that doggy eyes of doha?
5. .doha gets spirit-nated,jeez...why must doha go through soo much pain and stuff.
6. doha got forced or whatever to go..ARGH!ALL THAT STUPID SADAM's FAULT!!!she has to urr go and spend a night with the king,that's rape.HELP?!?!Rin comes to rescue tho,we end with his face.
Comments;ARGHGHHGG?@?@?!!!!!pass me rin's sword i kill sadam myself! 
Predictions:rin (hopefully) saves doha and probably gets in trouble NO!
Hopefully-what-might-happen:Doha gets another scene with rin and gets well again.rin saves doha n knocks the king into sense.
haha~~~ lets see what will happen!:) FIGHTING!!!

lalaa gosh im sinking into feelingggg

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