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VESK Virtual Desktop
VESK - The UK's fastest growing provider of hosted virtual desktops.
VESK - The UK's fastest growing provider of hosted virtual desktops.

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Did you know that #VESK  is now the fastest growing provider of #hostedvirtualdesktops  within the UK? Our company has even started to expand internationally and now has a strong presence in #Singapore

Our computing solution is simple -  access all your emails, files and business applications anywhere in the world using any device.

We have clients of all sizes and in most countries - these include reputable companies in both the public and private sectors.

VESK is different. We have built the largest, most reliable and secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in the world and our goal is to help businesses from all walks of life to succeed.

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Modern #computeradvancement  relies on innovation as much as it does performance and costing... this is where our #virtualdesktops  come in handy.

Not only will switching your company's traditional or even outdated desktop to one of VESK's flexible #hosteddesktops  save your business valuable costs, but the other benefits offered will prove to be useful in the future as well.

When you choose to upgrade and go virtual, expect to reap the following rewards:

1) Access anywhere - Flexibility to work from the office or from home.

2) Migration made simple - Host all of your software, programs and applications from one convenient portal. 

3) A cost effective and all-inclusive solution for businesses. 

There are many other advantages of using our exceptional software packages, and you'll find a detailed list on our website below:

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For a #hosteddesktop  with a flexible and easy to use interface, not to mention a simple IT solution that can be accessed from #anydigitaldevice , choose VESK.

A well optimised virtual desktop which has a fully integrated, all in one desktop will help your business to stay on track and increase productivity levels in the process. 

To learn more info about our state of the art #computingproducts , or to book in for a #freetrial  with VESK, visit our website today:

#VESKVirtualDesktop   #ImprovingYourBusiness   #LiveDemo  

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Visual display technology leaders, #ViewSonic  are the latest IT company to migrate onto VESK's #cloudbased   #virtualdesktop platform. 

VESK’s Managing Director James Mackie commented on the recent partnership: “We are very pleased to welcome ViewSonic to our growing infrastructure. The partnership will be extremely beneficial for us because we will be able to provide to our customers another option for a complete end-to-end fully managed IT solution." 

Read more about ViewSonic's recent move to the cloud in our case study below:

#VESKCaseStudies #VirtualHostedDesktops   #TheCloud  

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In the News: VESK Charity 5k London Run!

Lately VESK's ambitions have expanded from IT and into fitness when 8 dedicated members of our team took part in a 5k run, all in aid of the “Seeing is Believing” charity. 

Adam Gurney, James Mackie and Timothy Jenkins did exceptionally well as they each pushed their physical capabilities to the limits and successfully ran 3.5 miles in just under 25 minutes.

We all need a break from the office from time to time, and what better way to stay healthy than by getting involved in a sporting event that's for a great cause!

Read more on what our guys got up to in the blog post below:

#VESKforCharity   #5KLondonRun   #MakingHeadlines  

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Is your company ready to take the next step in flexible and secure working? The concept of #virtualdesktops  has been making headlines for some time now, but there are still many businesses that aren't so familiar with what a #hosteddesktop  really has to offer.

At #VESK  we pride ourselves on making your working life as hassle-free as possible, and with our expert desktop product, you have the freedom to use multiple desktops for different purposes. all from convenient cloud-based software.

To do lists, spreadsheets and #MicrosoftOffice  documents will be made much simpler when you integrate the virtual desktop into your day to day set-up.

To learn more details about our products and services, why not visit VESK's 'About Us' page below...

#FlexibleWorking   #ComputingMadeEasy   #VESKVirtualDesktop  

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If you're always on the pulse of IT like us, and you enjoy working remotely, here at VESK we've got great news to share!

Now you can access your Windows #VESKdesktop  and all of your business applications conveniently using your standard web browser.

Benefits include:

1) No need to download any complex plugins or add-ons.

2) Instant access to your business or personal desktops using any web browser of your choice.

3) Fast and Responsive Interface.

Read on to find out how our #hosteddesktops  can benefit your flexible work environment...

#FlexibleWorking   #KeyBusinessApplications   #VESKMeansVirtual  

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In The News: VESK announces new cloud computing business, VESK for Legal.

We're proud to share some exciting news with our loyal and growing customer base - VESK is expanding to bring the delivery of cloud based IT services to the legal sector.

What to expect: VESK for Legal will build on its experience with the likes of case management, document management and digital dictation systems; all the while providing specialist knowledge to legal practices and strengthening their approaches towards IT. 

Read more insightful details about our latest business venture in this article sourced from #LegalITLocal :

#VESKNews   #VESKforLegal   #LegalIT  

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Why invest in a #virtualdesktop ? To put things simply, virtual desktops are multiple versions of that trusty office desktop you work with on an everyday basis.

However, the difference with a #cloudhostedserver  is that you can easily switch between multiple desktops quickly, without having to compromise on set-ups. For example, you might need one desktop solely for accounting purposes, another for straightforward internet browsing, and a third desktop for a distraction-free work zone.

With VESK's #hosteddesktop  you can handle all of your computer requirements from one convenient location, while keeping everything compartmentalized in the process.

#VirtualDesktopBenefits   #NoMoreServers   #SmartComputing  

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Thanks to the most cutting edge #ITtechnology , more and more businesses are choosing to take the plunge and 'go virtual' with their desktops. 

#Virtualdesktops  are making big waves for companies of different sectors, and VESK's government approved IT products will certainly help your business to stand out from its competition.

Whether you require one desktop for work, and a separate one for play but you don't want any extra hassle, our first class remote servers will allow you to host all of your applications virtually as opposed to just using one local server.

For more info on how VESK's virtual desktops can benefit your business, read on...

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