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For many of us, nothing says summer like a weekend date with thousands of fellow fans at any one of the many music festivals that dot the calendar in July and August.

A lot of brands would love to inspire that kind of loyalty – so what can we learn from the likes of Blues Fest or Boots and Hearts?

It’s about coming up with a concept that maintains a strong core message – one that is true to the brand’s values and that it’s an idea that will withstand the test of time – once found, it’s paramount to maintain the integrity of the idea and not lost sight of it.

There is so much brands can learn from festivals – it’s one of the most authentic forms of influencer marketing – authentic relationships is what makes it work, and the passion and enthusiasm in its audience. Brand advocates build loyalty … as the saying goes, “It’s better to have 100 people that love you than a million people that just sort of like you” …

If your brand can capture the same kind of love and devotion by finding a core idea, and by cultivating lasting relationships with consumers through a central value – your fans will be screaming for an encore!

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Global ad expenditure is expected to grow 4.2% globally in 2015.

Mobile is expected to be the main driver of global ad spend growth over the next few years; forecasting to contribute 70% of all the extra ad spend between 2014 and 2017.

TV and desktop Internet are expected to be the second and third largest contributors respectively, accounting for 20% of new ad expenditure each.
Ad spend on newspapers and magazines is expected to shrink a combined $12 billion between 2014 and 2017.

Find out all the great stats and charts that cover all aspects globally …

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In July 2014 we saw the introduction of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), a new law aimed at reducing, if not completely eradicating, spam from Canadians’ inboxes. Now one year later, where do we stand? Did CASL fulfill its quest of freeing us from the tyranny of digital junk mail?

More than 60 per cent of respondents believe the CRTC has failed to provide small and medium-sized businesses with adequate information about the legislation.

Here are a few tips to help you be compliant with CASL and successful in email marketing …

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If your business wants to generate more leads, then it’s time to set your sights on content marketing. Whether you have a professional blog, multiple social media accounts – content marketing can help increase online exposure for your business.

Content marketing is all about providing your customers with quality, engaging and informative content. Whether you want to blog, create business-related posts for Social Media, send content to your mobile customers – content marketing covers all basis, you can even integrate all of these for a well-rounded content marketing campaign.

When it comes to mastering the marketing process – content marketing is a step in the right direction!

Find out some content inspiration from some of Canada’s Top Brands...

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Most consumers first hear about mobile apps from friends and family according to recent Google report.

- 52% respondents say they usually become aware of mobile apps from friends and family
- 40% from the app store
- 27% from search engines
- 24% from company websites
- 22% from TV

Click to find out more stats on;
- The reasons for downloading Mobile Apps
- How Price affects Mobile Apps
- Daily use of Mobile Apps

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Small business know the value of digital marketing but hesitate to invest. White they want to outperform their local competitors, 78% of small businesses don’t prioritize budget for digital marketing efforts.

So how do small and midsize businesses (SMBs) choose their digital marketing partners?
• 33% say price is one of the most important factors
• 27% are an understanding of organizational goals/needs
• 18% on the ability to deliver on commitments

Digital is critical in guiding small business marketing investments, and owners are looking for “proof of value” from their providers more than ever.

FREE Report on ‘Crossing the Digital Divide’

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Technology has changed everything when it comes to Marketing. It’s more important than ever to know your customers – their profiles, shopping habits, preferences, wants – so you can personalize their brand experience. How can you create positive interactions and reach customers through their decision-making journey?

Let’s take a look …

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Mobile devices have changed the entire process of looking for and retrieving information, especially when it comes to finding something local. “I-want-to-go” moments, where consumers use mobile search to quickly find what they want in their immediate area.

Words like ‘near me’, ‘closest’ and ‘nearby’ are increasingly common across billions of queries on Google each month. 

Whether you’re small business or global brand, you need to deliver on needs in these moments – brands can prepare for these spontaneous, act-now moments by thinking through situations in which consumers might search for their store and making sure they’re ready for them.

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A whopping 94% of SMB owners use smartphones to conduct business.
Are you doing what you can to best reach them?

The following infographic offers tips about how to reach mobile customers at the right time, with the right content, in the right place …

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Nearly three-quarters (73%) of consumers say Facebook is the most important social media platform for local businesses to have a presence on.

Check out these amazing stats on; Content Influence, Communication and Frequency of Offers that breakdown how, when and with what information consumers expect of local businesses on Facebook … 
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