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By +Ray Gallon  and +Maria Nieves Lorenzo Galés The whitepaper prepared for Adobe. Below are just a few excerpts that caught my attention.  This paper is worth a slow read for anyone on G+.

This new interconnectivity demands new roles that combine both communication and content expertise. Examples include Content curator, Content manager, Community manager, and Content strategist. While some of these professions exist today, they are going to evolve radically in the very near future. Content professionals need to investigate and quickly learn about the critical issues driving social transformation, and how they can take their place in the leadership of an emerging transformation society_

The ability of any enterprise to add value to its brand and its image in our new digital society depends on how its customers and potential customers perceive its efficiency, customer care, transparency, and authenticity. We have often heard that it can take years to build a brand, and only moments to destroy it. Never has this slogan hit closer to home than in the social media era..  

. . . transliteracy–” The ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks.'

Our whole perception of community building has changed and is now acquiring deeper dimensions of participation in hyper-connectivity. It is embedded in personal and professional endeavor, family life, and social relationships. Compound, multichannel messages mix and blend in a new informational ecosystem. What is not shared effectively does not exist

Content development will need to be more supple, as information, and even “known facts” can change between morning and afternoon. Not only does content need to be addressable, mutable and reusable, but methodologies for rapid, responsive verification, editing, and multi-format, multi-channel delivery need to be developed, with as much of the process automated as possible.

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+Alex Gagnon  My son is at the leading edge of Gen X - he's 40. I've seen the same cynicism so I know what you are talking about.  My question: is the feeling that things are getting better or getting worse?
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ping +Daniel Durrant +Dibyendu De +Rotana Ty 

P 32
We tend to think of leaders as being highly visible and needing specific qualities in order to lead effectively. Leadership guru John C. Maxwell, author of the best-selling books The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader, lists qualities such as charisma, relationship, and vision as being essential.

The above experiments show, however, that there is another possibility: we can lead a group simply by having a goal, so long as the
others in the group do not have different goals.

I'm thinking there is something in the one below to consider in managing MOOCs. hmmmm
. . . 
_What is new here is the proof, both theoretical and practical, that  leader (or group of leaders) can guide a group toward an objective
from within and never be recognized. This suggests a rule that we can use as individuals within a group: Lead from the inside (if possible with a coterie of like-minded friends or colleagues), but take care not to let other members of the group know what you are doing. Just head in the direction that you want to go, and leave it to the rules of the swarm to do the rest_
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+Alex Gagnon Hope you would find this notification tomorrow. 
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The negentropy, also negative entropy, syntropy, extropy, ectropy or entaxy,[1] of a living system is the entropy that it exports to keep its own entropy low; it lies at the intersection of entropy and life

+Dibyendu De  Do I remember you saying that life is about the production of entropy?

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+Alex Gagnon My book #powerofsee  is actually about my attempt to explain and build the foundation for personal mastery. Self conquest was the theme of the chapter that tells the story of Alexander the Great's encounter with the sage on the banks of Indus. 
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Researchers in the US have developed an implant to help a disabled brain encode memories, giving new hope to Alzheimer’s sufferers and wounded soldiers who cannot remember the recent past. The prosthetic, developed at the University of Southern
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This gives hope. 
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The political changes needed to accommodate the changes in work. 
The latest entry in a special project in which business and labor leaders, social scientists, technology visionaries, activists, and journalists weigh in on the most consequential changes in the workplace.
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Crossing Boundaries 2: Transcending Time - Collaboration in the Digital Age by +Maria Nieves Lorenzo Galés +Ray Gallon

As Nemeticians, our deadlines are just Now or Later. Ezpz! :-)

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#complexity   #Time   #collaboration   #Engage   #Exchange  
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Trajectory Shift: Reclaiming Conversation in the Digital Age must read by @STurkle

Dear Companies -

Your competitive advantage is not what you do it is how you execute.

You cannot execute without robust dialogue.

Your competiive advantage is the accuracy in which you scan the macro and the way you articulate your decision making criteria. 
#articulate being the key strategic verb. 
Onward . . .
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+Michael Josefowicz No. Not yet. But I still have some hope that some day I would be able to see that in some company. 
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