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Think before Speak...

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“Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.” ― Albert Szent-Györgyi

Idea 17: Look With a New Set Of Eyes

Relentlessly creative people transport themselves to imaginative worlds and have the capacity to look with a fresh new set of eyes.

There are two aspects to this:
One is to wipe the slate clean. If you look at things in just one way, try looking at them with a beginners mind. 

Having a beginners mind means:
Not pre-judging the merits and demerits.
Allowing all opinions at least in the initial stages.
Finding new ways to enjoy the process.
Realizing that every moment is unique and shaping the moment by your thoughts, emotions and feelings and finding something new and exciting to work with.
The second is to transport yourself into the view of someone else. Think like someone else and look with a new set of eyes.

Ask what would the:
The mind of an Engineer do?
What would the scientist do?
What would the artist do?
What would the producer and movie star do?
What would the doctor do?
What would the…you get the picture!
Based on the set of eyes that you transport your attention into, you will get different results.

For example,
The engineer part of me wants to build and fix parts of my website.
The artist wants to increase the artistic appeal.
The connector wants to get social and share updates. 
The creative writer wants to generate evergreen content. 
The scientist wants to run experiments on creativity and flow.

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