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Once you stop learning, you start dying. --Albert Einstein
Once you stop learning, you start dying. --Albert Einstein

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Happy Friday! I've created a lesson around exploring the samples on the Resource page. It is attached. This was designed for a larger class. For my smaller class, I will only use Team 1, 2, 3 which link to Sample 1, 2,3 respectively. If you are doing something different, please share!

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Hi everyone! If you haven't played the BreakoutEDU Digital for the Amazing Race yet, set aside some time--it is super fun!! Here is the cheet sheet to help!

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Check your Pit Stop location here. If you need to make a change, please email me. Thanks!

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Welcome to new members of the Community!

If you are interested in having your class create a PitStop for the AmazingRaceEDU please sign up here.

Have a great weekend!

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Here is a video overview of what's on our website: 

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2 More Sleeps until the Digital Breakout EDU goes live!! Thanks Brian Costello, Shaun Grant, and Ray Mercer for your help with this!

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Not familiar with the Amazing Race? Check out the symbols here: 

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How this will work:
Game Launch: BreakoutEDU Digital game on February 10th. This is meant to be a fun and engaging way to introduce the project to your class, and get them excited about it! It may give them some ideas too! Don't worry though, you will have February and March to create your leg of the race. Everything will be posted to this site.

1. You will be assigned a country in the world for which to CREATE a pit stop. Please ensure you are signed up on the original Google sheet. If you did not indicate a preference, a city, country, and continent will be assigned to you. If you would like to make a change, please do so now.

--> Your class designs the pit stop using a Google Slides template (template and sample will follow shortly)

Your pit stop can include as much or as little technology as you like. It should include geographical, historical, and/or cultural information about your assigned location. There is no expectation that the Pit Stops are similar, so let your creativity and your students' interests be your guides.

2. By (or before) April 1st, all participants agree to submit their leg of the race to me and all of these will be uploaded to this Google Site .

3. Connecting with other classrooms is encouraged, but optional. This is why you have contact information available to you on this Google Sheet. You may do this on your own, at any time. I would recommend a Mystery Hangout (connect with a class and ask yes/no questions to find out where they are in the world--for an added challenge, the class can assume the role of the assigned city/country/continent which requires research). This can be done as you are researching or once all of the Pit Stops have been created.

4. From April 5th to May 15th classes can complete as many or as few Pit Stops as they would like. You will receive a "stamp" for every city you visit. I am working on getting prizes for the end!

I am happy to assist you with resources as you create your Pit Stop, but feel free to partner with another teacher (in this group or at your school), a Teacher-Librarian, a TOSA or a Digital Resource teacher for additional support.

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Timeline for the project is flexible and can be found here: 

Here's an episode of the Amazing Race. Think about how you can use technology to replace some of the physical challenges. Or perhaps you want there to be physical challenges? What are some of the culturally significant ideas about the location?

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