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REVIEW: Bunny 3 Color Gray*
Hi, it's been a while! My hair is now minty green–blonde which washed out from purple. I was surprised as I thought the purple would wash out to a lilac, but apparently it's blue based, so purple>blue>green and it's taking forever to wash out the remaining ...

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REVIEW: Atti Brown*
Hello! I'm back with another review. Dreamcon's Atti series has 4 designs, Klenspop currently stock 3 of them. Like always, Klenspop provided tweezers and lens case. Dreamcon Atti Brown  (DreamColor 1) Life Span:  6 months Base curve:  8.7mm Diameter:  14.2...

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REVIEW: Style Brown*
It's been a while! I've been so busy with university and work that I haven't had a chance to take photos and post reviews in a while. (I have 2 hauls and a few more reviews on circle lenses coming up soon, so hang around!) Thank you   Klenspop  for these le...

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REVIEW: Magic Eye Mirage Brown*
Hello! I recently received another package from Klenspop , they've been fantastic. This time I was able to choose which lenses I wanted to try for review. Like always, they were packaged properly and came with a case and tweezers. On the back of their brand...

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REVIEW: Von Natural Fit Barbie Brown*
Hey there, so this is the second of the two paris of Silicone Hydrogel circle lenses that  Klenspop  sent me to review. Thanks again! The  Belmore Von Natural Fit  series have three colours: Bijou Brown, Barbie Brown and Barbie Grey.  Barbie Brown  and  Bar...

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REVIEW: Fudge Paintbox Pink Moon
I'm having a bit of fun experimenting with a few colours since I have blonde hair now and I thought I would write mini reviews as I go along. Not so long ago I went through two rounds of bleach and had it dyed a cool ash blonde at my local hairdresser. Sinc...

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REVIEW: Von Natural Fit Barbie Gray*
Hello! Klenspop recently sent over two paris of Silicone Hydrogel circle lenses for me to review. Thank-you! The Belmore Von Natural Fit series have three colours: Bijou Brown, Barbie Brown and Barbie Grey. Barbie Brown and Barbie Grey are currently availab...

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REVIEW: Gothic 3 Tones Honey (G307)
I finally decided to open these Gothic 3 Tones Honey lenses that I bought back in 2013 as they were going to expire soon. There are 9 colours in this series: Blue, brown, hazel, honey, green, grey, sapphire, turquoise and violet. Here's my review on the bro...

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Neo Cosmo Dali Brown Black
I purchased these Dali Brown Black lenses last year and have been wearing them for a couple of months now, and I think they're my favourite natural looking (annual) lenses so far. (Nothing will beat my love for disposable circle lenses!) Neo Vision Neo Cosm...

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REVIEW: Neo Ruby Queen Brown*
Klenspop contacted me again in December asking if I would like to review some more of the contact lenses that they stock, I said yes and here we are! The Ruby Queen series come in five colours: blue, green, purple, brown and grey (Klenspop only stock blue ,...
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