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Michael Ullman
Works at Analogy Marketing
Attended Long Island University
Lived in Great Neck, NY
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Business owner, internet marketing & info-product development
  • Analogy Marketing
    President, 2006 - present
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Great Neck, NY - NYC - Atlanta, GA - Rockville, MD - Kanab, UT
How'd I get here...?
President, Analogy Marketing.
Bragging rights
Gave opening press conference of 1996 Presidential Convention, designed & managed largest-ever live internet video broadcase (at that time) for the 1996 Presidential Convention, developed industry's frst pre-emptive email scanning service, "Mail Sentry"
  • Long Island University
    Chemistry, 1980
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A terrific ISP - the range of services & aggressive pricing you want from a large, competitive company, combined with the best of what a small local company brings to the table: friendly, accessible, treats you more like a neighbor than a customer! As someone who earns his living running a small online business, my internet connectivity is the most important service I have. Being a relocated New Yorker, I'm used to state-of-the-art infrastructure and the cut-throat competitive pricing. Moving out to a small desert town, I didn't have high expectations. Fortunately, my experience has been all good! Having lived here and used Xpressweb now for 3 years, I've happily adjusted my expectations of what a small local small company can be, and can deliver. The few unavoidable problems that come with any 24/7 service have always been handled quickly, professionally, courteously, and effectively - and by people I now know by name and see in the supermarket. There have been a few forays into the market from larger 'outside' companies, but I wouldn't even consider switching; not for price, not for features, not for service. I can honestly say I'm thrilled by 'my' local ISP, something I wouldn't have expected - here or anywhere!
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