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Global Plastic Sheeting
plastic sheeting, crawlspace/basement vapor barriers, Geomembranes, Surface Protection Films, Fire Retardant Films, FR Tapes -strapping- coatings- containment
plastic sheeting, crawlspace/basement vapor barriers, Geomembranes, Surface Protection Films, Fire Retardant Films, FR Tapes -strapping- coatings- containment


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Plastic Sheets called "Corrugated Plastic" is rin the running for the next best thing next to sliced bread! CTo learn more, please click here.orrugated sheets are multifunction. Think of cardboard that is made out of strong plastic.  These sheets are lightweight, strong and waterproof!  They can be used time and time again, and unlike cardboard they won't rod or get soggy should they come in contact with water.  

Contractors love this product because they can quickly cut it to size using common tools.  Corrugated plastic comes in fire retardant versions as well.  GPS Corrugated Plastic has been approved for use in hospitals.  MORE...

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A quick video highlighting Solawrap greenhouse film. We call it "The One and Done" greenhouse covering because you most likely won't have to replace it in your lifetime. Please take a look and see why!

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Check out our Aquaponics Films!
GPS Aquaponics Films
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Greenhouse Roofing Material Polydress SolaWrap has a strong track record in Europe. Now it's available in the U.S.
SolaWrap Greenhouse Roofing Films
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We changed our cover for Google +. Here you see our Polydress SolaWrap  greenhouse film! This greenhouse roofing film is durable, easy to install, and energy efficient!  Click on the link to go to the SolaWrap website for more infomation.

One of our customers is unveiling their new product that they are brining to market tomorrow!!! Our plastic is what it's made from! Sadly, we can't tell you what it is! It is so great to see the birth of a product from inception to bringing it to market!

Question: How do you tape plastic sheeting to concrete foundation wall?

Answer: There are several methods out there to tape plastic sheeting to a concrete foundation wall when working in a crawlspace. What we recommend is taping (using double sided Butyl tape) the plastic sheeting (Dura Skrim films, Crawlspace 1800 or Vapor Block Plus 20) to the wall, then using a 1/4" drill, drill a hole through the vapor retarder, tape, and into the concrete or block, then tap a foundation wall pin securely into the hole. The plastic sheeting choice depends on several factors and the condition that exists in your crawlspace. Best bet is to give us a call, so we can help you decide what is the most cost effective method to use keeping your goals in mind.

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Question: I am looking for a vapor barrier- something that is stronger than a 6-8 mil poly for our crawl space. What do you recommend?
Answer: We supply a large quantity of liners specially designed for the crawlspace and basement industry. All of them have at least one white side, so the space becomes nice and bright, and things like spiders are easily seen if present. The liners that are most popular are in the 12, 18, and 20 mil range. All of these are extrusion laminated polyethylene sheeting products, with reinforcement layers. The "extrusion lamination" means the layers of the product are joined together using molten polyethylene to form a single product that will never come apart. Using multiple layers allows us to use some very strong types of polyethylene, plus some excellent barrier films to create a product that is much stronger, and has lower perm rates than one can achieve with a mono-layer liner (liner all made in one single layer). With any of these sheeting products, one can crawl around with little worry about puncturing through the liner. If you have sharp rocks underneath, then I would recommend the 18 or 20 mil products.

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