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Michael Marrero
Unorthodox by nature.
Unorthodox by nature.

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We stand together!

That ending was perfect 
#doctorwho50thanniversary   #doctorwho  

In my quest to get steam working on crunchbang I ruined the whole thing. Time for re-install. 


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The first two swings were terrible.

#googlebirthday doodle! Score: 71

I give up trying to get Steam to work on Crunchbang. I'll just wait until there's an official release.

#Linux   #crunchbang   #steam  

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Sorry the scan quality is low. I recently started drawing/sketching again. I've been doing it since I was just a kid and still can't get most of it right. I do it for the stress relief. 

Getting back into that drawing and sketching mood. Still can't get my shading right. Good thing it's just a hobby. 

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